Vision (ビジョン Vision?) is Shulk's Down Special Move. When an opponent is about to attack him, Shulk will "foresee" the move, step back to dodge the enemy attack, and then attack the opponent.


Vision functions much like other counters in the game; Shulk will enter a defensive pose with his Monado drawn, and will step back from an attacker before rushing at them, with a blue field indicating that the counter was triggered.

The attack Shulk does depends on directional input. If no input is made, Shulk will do a sliding upward slash, and launching the opponent in front of him, dealing 1.3x the damage of the countered move with a minimum damage output of 7% or 10%. If the player inputs toward the opponent, Shulk will rush at the opponent at a faster pace than the standard slash do a outward slash behind him and launch the opponent behind him, having the same damage multiplier but dealing 10% or 13%, though Shulk goes a shorter distance.

Vision possesses a fast startup (being active even when the defensive pose is complete) as well as the longest counter window (tying with Double Team), making it an effective surprise move against opponents who underestimate the speed of the attack. Vision additionally makes Shulk intangible (until he performs the slash) and slows down opponents, making it useful for relieving pressure and punishing. If countering an attack that deals at least 35% damage, Vision can OHKO an opponent, tying its power alongside Ike and Roy's Counter and Counter Surge. The countering slash possesses a very high range (tying with Double Team and Toad) deals high knockback, and is unblockable.

However, because Vision has two hitboxes (the Monado's blade and the beam it produces), it is one of the two counters with a sourspot, which can reduce its damage output. Unlike most counters, for every successive use (regardless if it is successful), Vision's counter window will decrease, which can cap at it lasting for 5 frames. To restore its standard counter window, Shulk cannot use Vision for 15 seconds or unless he is KO'd.

Monado Arts greatly affect the knockback and damage of Vision, with Speed and Shield decreasing the damage and knockback, Buster decreasing knockback but increasing damage, and Smash decreasing damage but increasing knockback. These changes can cause Vision to take longer to OHKO, so keeping Shulk at his base stats is the only method of increasing its OHKO capacity.

Custom Moves

Dash Vision

Dash Vision is one of Shulk's Custom Down Special Moves. Shulk takes a larger step forward while attacking.


  • Longer counter window.
  • Faster counterattack.
  • Greater counterattack range.


  • Lower damage output

Dash Vision is a much more effective surprise move due to the extended counter windows and faster activation, and the increased range makes it a versatile move for approaching opponents quickly and recovery if timed correctly. However, the slash does less damage due to the decreased multiplier, making it hard to OHKO or deal consistent damage.

Power Vision

Power Vision is one of Shulk's Custom Down Special Moves. Shulk delivers a much more powerful slash when countering.


  • Higher damage output
  • Higher knockback
  • Can OHKO and KO at low percentages.


  • Longer start-up
  • Shorter counter window
  • Loses more counter window frames with each successive use
  • Less range
Power Vision is arguably one of the most powerful counters, being a high-risk, high-reward move. Because of its increased damage multiplier, it can OHKO by countering attacks that deal 30% damage, and even KO a jab if the opponent is as low as 60%, which can be further amplified with Smash. To compensate, it has more startup frames and a shorter counter window, requiring stricter use for being successful. In addition, each successive use will cause Power Vision to lose more active frames than the standard Vision to the point that it cannot counter. Power Vision also has less range than Vision, as Shulk goes a shorter distance when countering.


In Xenoblade Chronicles, the Monado allowed Shulk the ability to "foresee" enemy attacks and then dodge them, such as foresee a Mechon's laser blast and promptly dodge sideways, something not even Dunban, the legendary previous wielder of the Monado, could do. In combat, Shulk could used this to anticipate his enemy's moves, allowing him and his party members to either counter or avoid the attack.


  • Shielding against Vision is not possible because the counter can hit opponents through the shield.

Shulk's Special Moves
Standard Special Monado Arts
Side Special Back Slash
Up Special Air Slash
Down Special Vision
Final Smash Chain Attack

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