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Vegetable (野菜ひっこ抜き, Uproot Vegetables), also known as Turnip, is Peach's Down Special Move. It involves her picking large turnips from the ground. These turnips function similarly to items, though they disappear if they touch the ground. The faces on the Vegetables depict the damage and knockback that will be given, and are picked randomly, though better faces are, of course, rarer. Vegetables fall very slowly, and as such, it is very easy to grab one after having been hit by one. As such, turnips will disappear in mid-air after a certain amount of time.

In Brawl, Vegetables have a shorter overall presence. They disappear when they hit the ground rather than going through it. If Peach is interrupted while plucking one from the ground, it will remain in the ground for a brief period, during which anyone can pluck it out. They also disappear upon hitting a shield or attack, rather than bouncing. In addition, the chances of Peach pulling out something other than a turnip is greater. Size scaling is more refined in Brawl, so if Peach grows/shrinks while she is holding a Vegetable, they will also change in size with her.

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, Vegetables last longer on the stage than in Brawl. They will linger on stage if they touch the ground for a few seconds before vanishing and can be picked up by fighters while it is on the ground.

Damage Output

  • PeachRareVeggie

    Peach, with the rare "Stitch Face" Vegetable.

    Smile 5-13%
  • Circle Eyes 5-13%
  • Line Eyes 5-13%
  • Carrot/T Eyes 5-13%
  • Upward Curve eyes Eyes 5-13%
  • Wink 9-17%
  • Dot Eyes 15-23%
  • Stitch Face ("Gaddish") 33-41%

(These percentages vary depending on the distance between you and the opponent when you throw the vegetable. The closer you are, the more damage is dealt. How you throw the vegetable decides how much damage is dealt. Throwing the vegetable to the left or right deals the most damage as opposed to simply pressing the attack button)

Other Items

In Melee

Sometimes Peach will pull different items from the ground, including Beam Swords, Bob-ombs and Mr. Saturns. However, the chances are very low (1/300).

In Brawl

Peach has a combined 4/58 chance of not pulling up a regular Vegetable, but instead getting an item such as a Beam Sword, Bob-omb, Mr. Saturn, or the "Stitch Face" Vegetable. Individually the chance of pulling one of the four items is 1/58.

Custom Variations

In Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U, Vegetable can be customized into Light Veggie or Heavy Veggie.

Light Veggie

Light Veggies travel slowly and stay in the air longer, but can only be used a certain successive number of times.


  • Can stay in the air for longer
  • Can be pulled up faster
  • Greater range when thrown


  • Disappears faster
  • Less damage
  • Less launch
  • Unreliable for spamming or camping

Light Veggie has Peach pulling out turnips that are much floatier, falling slower, staying in the air longer, and being able to be pulled up from the ground faster. Although they stay in the air for longer than regular turnips they will vanish sooner. If the move is used in rapid succession, there is a chance that Peach will use the move but pull nothing from the ground, leaving her open to a punish and making the move a poor choice for spamming or camping though it does have an increased range. These turnips deal less damage and knockback and due to their slow speed cannot be integrated into combos, but the fact that they have such slow falling speed can make for some interesting edge-guarding strategies such as tossing the turnip downwards off an edge so that it stays near the edge for longer, potentially gimping recovering opponents.

Heavy Veggie

Heavy Veggies won't go far, but will launch any opponent they hit.


  • Faster when thrown
  • Higher damage and launch power


  • Take longer to pull from the ground
  • Less time in the air
  • Spamming or camping can leave Peach open to attack
  • Less range

The Heavy Veggie is basically the polar opposite of the Light Veggie, having less range, air time, and taking longer to pull from the ground do to its increased weight. The move cannot be spammed because of the high starting lag that can leave Peach vulnerable to punishes. The heavier turnips are much faster when thrown, which can make for a speedy projectile if the turnip has already been pulled from the ground, but once thrown it steeply falls downwards and vanishes once it hits the ground. Due to the move's high falling speed, damage, and launch, it is a great tool for gimping off-stage opponents by throwing it downwards; since it falls very quickly anyway, throwing it downwards will result in its path not changing, and if timed correctly, can result in a successful hit that will launch opponents out of range of the stage.

Peach's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Sleepy Toad Grumpy Toad
Side Special Flower Bomber Flying Peach Bomber
Up Special Parasol High Jump Light Parasol
Down Special Light Veggie Heavy Veggie


Vegetables were some of the main weapons in Super Mario Bros. 2, the others being the enemies themselves. Though they closely resemble Daikon radishes, some players identify them as turnips.


  • In Brawl, if one plucks out a Beam Sword while using this move, the sword's range will be severely decreased. After about a minute of wielding it, the picking up an item sound will be heard and Peach will be able to use it normally. This effect can also be cancelled by dropping the sword and picking it up again, as well as taunting or using Toad. After doing so, the sword will have all of its range back.
  • The turnip with the stitch face or dot-shaped eyes is Peach's strongest attack, the "stitch face" doing 36% damage and the "dot-shaped eyes" doing 16% damage with high knockback, and can still be grabbed in the air and thrown again.
  • The item with the Bob-omb is also Peach's strongest attack. Bob-ombs are quite dangerous items. It does 25-38% damage in Melee with severe knockback and doing 25-36% damage in Brawl also does severe knockback. Peach's 2nd powerful move when opponent got caught in the explosion. Peach can still take damage when the player gets caught in the explosion, but Peach's Vegetable (when she plucks a Bob-omb) has the 2nd KO potential following the Peach's Up Smash with the highest KO potential at 50% (When sweetspotted with fully charged does 23%). This is one of the Peach's 2nd KO move at higher percentages.

Peach's Special Moves
Melee Brawl SSB3DS/WiiU
Standard Special Toad
Side Special Peach Bomber
Up Special Peach Parasol
Down Special Vegetable
Final Smash Peach Blossom

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