Versus Mode is a multiplayer mode that enables players to fight against each other or computer player opponents in a variety of settings. Versus mode appears in all four Super Smash Bros. games. The characters can participate in a variety of battles including battle royales and team battles. The players can also set the rules for the battle including the amount of time, the amount of stock, the items that can be used, handicaps, and the stage that the battle will take place on. The players can also choose settings for the computer players including computer players level. Some of these features, however, have to be unlocked in order for them to be used.


Versus mode allows the player to set a number of rules that are not allowed in the single player modes. These rules affect both the battle and the items that appear in the battle.

  • The player can set the teams and characters that participate in the battle. They can also pick the computer players character and the skill level of the character.
  • The player can pick the number of stock for the battle and can pick the time limit of the battle. (The stock can be set to unlimited stock while the time limit can be turned off.
  • The players can set the items that can be used in battle. They can also set the frequency of the appearance of the items. The only items that the player cannot control is the container items and those can only be turned off if items are turned off.
  • The player can turn the amount of points deducted from the character's score from a self-inflicted KO.
  • The player can toggle fire on or off. If friendly fire is on, characters on the same team can inflict damage to each other while they are battling.
  • The players can set handicaps for characters.

Versus Mode in Super Smash Bros. Melee

Versus mode in Melee is an expansion to the one in Super Smash Bros. The players can now choose a wide variety of options and different styles of battling. The players can also play in a series of tournaments. The c-stick can be used for attacks, unlike in story mode.

List of playable modes

  • Fixed-Camera - In Fixed-Camera mode, the camera is fixed and does not move around. The whole stage will be seen on the screen.
  • Giant Melee - In Giant Melee mode, all the characters are big, similar to the giant characters that are fought in Classic Mode. The characters will have a harder time to KO their opponent but they will fall faster and the distance of their jump will decrease.
  • Invisible Melee - In Invisible Melee mode, all characters are invisible, similar to Fox and Falco in the event match Slippy's Invention. Unlike the affects of the Cloaking Device though, the characters can take damage in this mode.
  • Lightning Melee - In Lightning Melee mode, the movement speed of the characters will increase.
  • Single-Button - In Single Button mode, the only controls that can be used in battle is the A button, Z button, and the control stick. The use of the B button is disabled for every character in this mode. The characters can still jump however by pressing up on the control stick.
  • Slo-Mo Melee - In Slow-Mo Melee mode, the movement speed of the characters will decrease.
  • Super Sudden Death - In Sudden Death mode, each of the characters will have 300% damage. If a character dies and still has remaining stock, then their damage meter will return to 300%.
  • Tiny Melee - In Tiny Melee mode, all the characters are small, similar to the affects of a Poison Mushroom. The opponents in Tiny Melee will be easier to KO but they will also have a greater recovery distance.

Action Replay uses

With the introduction of the Action Replay and the debug menu, the players can further customize their battle more. They can choose the size of the characters participating in the battle, the different colors of the characters, and other additional settings. The debug menu also allows the player to choose certain stages that normally the game does not allow them to play on. These stages include the Adventure Mode stages, the Trophy Tussle stages, and stages that do not appear in the game at all. The players can customize the computer players actions during battle also. For example, one computer player can be set to just stand on the stage while another computer player can be set to only pick up items.

Versus Mode in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

In Brawl, this mode is called Group.

List of Playable Modes

  • Brawl - This is essentially the same as Melee's, but you can still make it Sudden Death without entering Special Brawl by manually changing the Handicap. This can make it easier to unlock many Challenges, since Special Brawl does not keep records.
  • Tourney - Again, this is more or less the same as Melee's Tournament Melee.
  • Rotation - The winner out/loser out modes from Melee's Tournament Mode, now in its own mode, separated from Tournament.
  • Special Brawl - This is much like Special Melee, only with more combinations and options.
  • Rules - This allows you to set the rules such as time, stock, etc.
  • Names - Allows you to add, delete, or modify a screenname.

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