Hello everyone. So, I disappeared again (I seem to be better at that than playing Smash). But I want to try and be more active as the school year winds down.

So, to start, I wanted to create an online tournament for all of Smashpedia, to be played on April 15th from 12 to 6 (depending on how tournaments work online; I haven't done this before). It will be done in For Glory style. Miis will be allowed, but custom fighters will not be allowed. The tournament will be called Smashpedia, and the password is Smasher51. To sign up, please place in a comment your username, your Wii U username, and if you want, your tag. Essentially, set it up like this:

Username: Smasher51

Wii U User: Ablex (This may also help you find the tournament information)


The prize is in the work, but there may not be one and this may be just for fun and for glory. I will have a chat open for any one who wants to, well, chat.

I know it's Easter weekend, and may be a big deal for some, but this is the only date I can do this before May. And hey, if this works out, I might host some more in the future. So, let's have some fun with this. So, until next time, SEE YA LATER!!

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