Hey Smashers! I am already excited for Smash Con this year, I had such a great time last year. My friend Nyan and I are competing in doubles; while we might not make it very far at all, I am still excited to compete. Are any of you going to Smash Con this year? It would be really cool to meet some of you guys there if you are.

Last year I got my 2DS signed by Alpharad, Etika, and a lot of top-level Smash players, but the signatures have all since faded away, so I'm hoping to get something else signed that will be more permanent. Last year I also had a whale of a time playing Super Smash Flash 2, and I am very eager to play that again because I had a lot of fun with it last time and also met some really cool people. If you are going to go this year, what are you looking forward to the most? Are you competing in the tournament? Did you go previous years, and if you did, what was your favorite part? Tell me in the comments, and happy smashing!

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