Hey guys, Plasmaster here, and today I thought I'd do a little fun blog post for you readers to participate in. If this post is popular enough, I'll probably make more like this. The idea is essentially to select a Smash-related topic and get people to think about and talk about these topics with other users, maybe even sparking a bit of fun and healthy debate in the process.

For today's topic I decided on the Ice Climbers, particularly their placement in Smash Switch. Now I know Smash Switch hasn't been confirmed (yet), but let's just suppose that Smash Switch has been announced and it has been confirmed to be a port of Smash 4 over to the Switch.

The question is, will Ice Climbers be included in the roster? After their exclusion from Smash 3DS and Wii U due to hardware limitations on the 3DS, many people would point towards the Switch likely not having these same hardware limitations, and thus the Ice Climbers should be certain to return. However, there are likely others who would disagree, saying that Ice Climbers wouldn't work similarly to previous installments in the Smash series because of the change in grab mechanics in Smash 4 and the sheer insanity of 8-Player Smash with all Ice Climbers make them impractical to be added to the roster.

So now all that is left is to tell everyone your thoughts on this subject in the comments, and hopefully get some interesting discussion going about it!