I've been thanking about this and I came to an conclusion that I think Ellie and Chomp from Monster Tale should be an assist trophy in Super smash bros Universe.

Monster Tale was one of the best sellers for Dreamrift on the Ds and I don't understand why they're reluctant to at least make a sequel.

Ellie is pretty iconic. Why? Well because being a female character and not being able to look like Zero suit Samus and from making a 8.5 rate on is pretty impressive. Ellie and Chomp should at least be remembered a little more.

I am hoping there is another sequel to Monstertale to.(Obviously on for Nintendo)

Ellie and Chomp are brave and iconic characters in my opinion and seeing them as an assist trophy in Super Smash Bros 4 will make me and I'm sure other people who are fans of her a very happy camper.

Here are just a few amazing stuff from Ellie and Chomp

  • Project Monster
  • Monster Tale wallpaper
  • Ellie and Chomp battling bosses
  • Ellie and Chomp fighting
  • Monster Tale(Ds cover)
  • Ellie and Chomp battling
  • Monster Tale boss

Ellie and Chomp

In otherwords, at the end of the game it says,"But the legends say that when the savior is needed again, the savior may return.

However another tale.

Videos of Monster Tale. Trailer/Boss Battler/Gameplay




Thank you for reading this really thanks. And if you do agree please say yes on the poll. :)

Do you think Ellie and Chomp should be an assist trophy for super smash bros Universe?

The poll was created at 19:21 on February 19, 2015, and so far 8 people voted.

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