Hello everyone, Today one year ago, I leaked the SSB6 roster, I added a long rant explaining that it's fake and everyone has no sense of humor after a while, But actually, It was real, While my other ones were fake, It was a cover up, But recently, I got an Email from my Uncle, He works at Nintendo and sent me an email about Smash Bros. 5! But by accident, He sent me the full roster rather than just the starters, I decided "Hey, That one person did it like 2 and a half years ago, Why can't I? So here is the full leaked SSB5 Roster!

The amazing new roster for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch.

This roster is a total improvement over Smash Bros. 4 in my opinion, With a wopping 113 characters!

Character Notes

-The Teletubbies are all one fighter.

-Bugs Bunny and R.O.B. are the ones from AVGN.

-Luigi (Both on his own and as a duo), Yoshi, Wario, Meta Knight, Pac-Man, Mr Game and Watch, Captain Falcon, Kirby, Bowser (Renamed King Koopa), King Dedede, and R.O.B. (Albeit a different R.O.B.) are the only veterans because everyone else sucked.

-This is the first Smash game to have DeviantARTists like Me (Jacob), TheSmashWaffle (Drake), SmashingStar64 (Tyler), OrcaWhatever (Orca), and TheSilverTotodile (Totodile)

-It is a complete coincidence that everyone from "Smash Bros 4 : Dream Roster" made it in.

-Melee Final Destination is a clone of Brawl Final Destination, MFD has Smash 64 Final Destination as an alt and BFD has Smash Bros. 4 Final Destination as an alt.

-God Waluigi is a clone of Waluigi but way more overpowered than the regular Waluigi.

-Landmaster plays just like the one in the Star Fox characters' final smashes.

-One of the Random Options is a fighting Random Option making the character total 114, And one of the other ones is rigged to always give you Macho Man with a Fishing Pole riding the Sun and the Sun's got Sunglasses and he's like "I'm fishing for a fight, Brother!"

-Since Macho Man with a Fishing Pole is riding the Sun, It is always night in the stages where you can see the Sky.

-Touching Macho Man with a Fishing Pole riding the Sun and the Sun's got Sunglasses and he's like "I'm fishing for a fight, Brother!"'s Sun will cause fire damage, Making him a strong character.

-Megatron and Samuel L. Jackson were at one point considered but were dropped early in development, Data remains for both characters but not enough for them to be hacked into the game. Their Models were reused for Trophies.

-Due to the roster being too large for the Switch to handle, TimTom had to be cut, He was made an Assist Trophy. and Kyle from TimTom's Skipping School video is one of James' alternate costumes. TimTom's data remains but he suffers the same fate of Megatron and Samuel L. Jackson.

-The reason Grade went on hiatus was actually because Nintendo is adding him to SSB5 and he had to give them permission, But to avoid spoilers for the game, He covered it up as Health Issues.

-They were going to add SlimKirby as DLC but he was scrapped for unknown reasons



-Big Battlefield

-Small Battlefield (Impossible to play due to it being too small)

-So large you can't reach the platforms Battlefield (Replaces Final Destination due to it being playable)

-Bob-Omb Battlefield (It's like Battlefield but every 10 seconds, There is an explosion which covers the whole stage and is a OHKO if touched)

-Squidward's House

-Generic Green Background (Why Green isn't a playable character, This is the Home Stage for Moar Krabs)

-DeviantART (Scrolls down the DeviantART home page, You have to dodge the horrible drawings)

-The White House (Home Stage for Cory)

-The Haunted House from Garfield's Scary Scavenger Hunt.

-Action 52 (You start on the Game Selection screen and it will choose a game, When chosen, You fight on a stage based on that game)

-The Teletubbies' house

-The Stock Backgrounds from a GradeAunderA video.

-The AVGN room.

-The Bed Room from the original Loud Nigra video.

-SiIvaGunner's Channel

-Nothing (Home Stage of Nothing)


-Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

-A Super Why stage where you go into Books and you can change it to have stage hazards.

-Umi City

-Big Rigs stage where you can defy physics.

-Hong Kong 97 (Background is Coca Cola)

-Grocery Store


-Miiverse (Remastered to be more accurate, If you hit an opponent you get banned from the stage and you dodge stupid posts)

-CiCi's Pizza


-75m (Just as awful as before, And if 75m is chosen as both a character and stage, The game will implode, Making it risky to do the Random Option)

-5 GRAND AUNT title screen but due to GRAND AUNT being playable, She's not there, Causing a Tactical Nuke which destroys the whole level and is an OHKO which can't be dodged, If you have more than 1 stock, You will be brought to a stack of Soda Cans, Which will fall over when you attack a Can, Causing everyone to lose all of the remaining stocks due to the lack of floor.

-Papa John's


No items are in the game but the Smash Ball and the Gust Bellows, The Smash Ball is replaced by Alfonso when fighting or playing as Smash Ball.


Classic Mode (At the end you fight Master Foot, And on higher difficulties, You fight him along with Crazy Foot)

All Star (Nothing is at the beginning because before the universe, There was Nothing)

Where's Waldo (You try and find Waldo and when you find him you fight him)

Stage Builder (You can only share the level if it fricking sucks)

Ridley (Too big to be a Stage)

Smash Tour (Can't be selected because no one plays it anyway)



-Jaiden Animations

-Home Depot

-Carl Johnson

-Call of Duty Solider (Replaces Megaman, It will be so amazing because Call of Duty is the game ever.)

-Vinesauce Joel

-Vinesauce Vinny

-I'm all out of Almonds



There will be no more DLC Fighters, I'm overall happy with the final roster.

DLC stages

-M&M's Kart Racing (The M&M's in Karts are hazards, And you will frequently hear "APPROACHING SOUND BARRIER!")

-Roblox Super Catboy!

-Sprite Factory (When Sprite Cans pass by on Conveyors, They can be collected to restore 5% health

-My Computer desk

-The Playstation 2 startup screen

One last note

Whenever you get KOed, The Switch spits out the game, Which lands back in the box, Re Shrink-Wraps itself, And flies back to the store so you gotta buy it again.

Update (11/19/17)

So I haven't touched this blog since June. A lot of people probably forgot about this by now, but I just checked Nintendo's site and I found this screenshot
Smash ros switch screnshot

A gameplay screenshot from Nintendo's site

That's right, I found a screenshot on Nintendo's official site! This pretty much confirms that everything previously said on this blog is 100% true. Nobody would've predicted Garfield, Squidward, GradeAunderA, TheOdd1sOut, and GRAND AUNT would be playable, and nobody would've predicted Cici's Pizza as a stage. Anyone who still thinks this is fake is denial. So now that this is basically confirmed, what are your final thoughts on this roster? Like I said, I think this is a huge improvement over Smash 4's roster, it's way larger and has better characters!