Ren and Tlachtga
Universe Etrian Odyssey

Well, it's been a lot longer than a week, but it's finally here. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, a while back, Plasmaster did a blog on whether or not the Ice Climbers should be in Smash 5. While not directly related to the Ice Climbers themselves, I thought up an idea for a new dual character moveset, in a similar vein to the Ice Climbers and Rosalina. I said that I'd get it out in the next week, but honestly, I've been so distracted with Breath of the Wild and Persona 5, who has the time to make up movesets? (Actually, now that I think about it, a BotW character will likely make an addition to Smash 5, so maybe I could think up a moveset for one of them later. But anyway...) So here it is. Ren and Tlachtga, two (more) characters from the Etrian Odyssey series (yes, I really like that game. Why else would I create 4 movesets for it? Well, granted, I made 4 Danganronpa ones and 6 Xenoblade ones, so it balances out, I guess). Anyway, these two are actually antagonists, and you fight them as a pair on floor B21F of the 5th Stratum (very close to the end of the game). I can't say too much more without spoilers, and frankly, I've already spoiled enough as is.

In any case, this'll probably be the last EO moveset you'll see in a while. Likely not until the release of EOV anyway.

Play Style

Unlike the Ice Climbers, Ren and Tlachtga are nothing alike. Ren is a Ronin, and uses close range katana attacks, while Tlachtga is a Hexer, which weakens enemies with a variety of curses. Your play style will revolve around using both of their strengths to your advantage, as they are not particularly strong on their own. They have separate damage gauges, too, but each will fill faster than a normal one. If one of them is KOed, you can still control the other by themselves, but don't expect to last long. You can swap between the character you are controlling with the Down Special. When controlling one, the other will follow you around, but not do anything else. You'll want to switch often if you want to have a fighting chance. This also makes the learning curve very steep.



♦ Number of Jumps: 2
♦ Weight: Same as Ike
♦ Fall Speed: Same as Ike


♦ Number of Jumps: 2
♦ Weight: Same as Peach
♦ Fall Speed: Slower than any other character

Moveset (Ren)


◾Neutral Attack: Ren bludgeons the enemy with her Katana’s hilt (1%). Press the button again to transition into a tilt.
◾Forward Tilt: Ren swings her Katana downward in front of her while stepping forwards (4%).
◾Up Tilt: Ren stabs upward diagonally in the air (3%).
◾Down Tilt: Ren swings diagonally in a low arc (3%).
◾Dash Attack: Ren delivers a sidewards backhanded swing (4%).


◾Neutral Special: Sheath Strike. Ren will sheath her Katana before charging up a strong backhanded attack (11%). After performing it, Ren will adopt a Drawing Stance for fifteen seconds, in which Ren is faster and attacks are more fluid, but will have more ending lag.

◾Side Special: Charging Thrust. Ren will run forward and deliver a stab attack to the enemy (8%). After the attack, Ren will adopt a Clear Stance for fifteen seconds, in which Ren is slower but takes less damage from enemy attacks.

◾Up Special: Upward Slash. Ren will perform a jump while swinging her Katana upwards (7%). Can be used for recovery. After the attack, Ren will adopt an Upper Stance for fifteen seconds, in which attacks are 1.2 times more powerful, but Ren will also take extra damage from enemy attacks.

◾Down Special: Switch. Turn control over to Tlachtga.

Moveset (Tlachtga)


(Note: I had to take a bit of creative liberty with these moves. I couldn’t exactly have a bunch of magic attacks in the Standard section, could I?)

◾Neutral Attack: Tlachtga will swing her bell slightly. Very small hitbox (3%).
◾Forward Tilt: Tlachtga will swipe in front of her twice with her robe-claws (2% each hit).
◾Up Tilt: Tlachtga will create a small explosion above her (4%).
◾Down Tilt: Tlachtga will use her robe-claws to crush enemies on either side (3%).
◾Dash Attack: Tlachtga will perform a spinning attack with her robe-claws. Can hit many times (1% each hit).


(Note: As for the specials, there were far too many to choose from. Narrowing it down to only three was too difficult, so I included the customs as well for the neutral and side specials).

◾Neutral Special: Revenge Curse. Tlachtga will conjure up a small vortex, which will then travel in a straight line. If it hits an enemy, that enemy will take damage proportianal to the amount of damage Tlachtga has suffered (by the formula “x/4 + 1). If Tlachtga has 0% damage, they will only take 1%, but if Tlachtga has 999%, they will take a whopping 250% damage. Relaistically, however, it should only be possible to get Tlachtga up to the early 100s before she is KOed, so the attack should rarely do more than 30% damage.

◾Custom Neutral Special 1: Frailty Curse. Tlachtga will conjure up an energy ball, which will be fired at the nearest enemy. Does 3% damage up front, and will lower the affected enemy’s attack power and defence for a short time.

◾Custom Neutral Special 2: Madness Curse. Tlachtga will let out a close range shockwave that will deal 4% damage and invert an affected enemy’s movement for a short time.

◾Side Special: Corrupt Curse. Sends out a projectile that can curse an enemy. Does nothing up front, but if that enemy attacks a character, one third of the damage will be inflicted back upon them (e.g. enemy attacks for 12%, and gets injured 4%).

◾Custom Side Special 1: Immobile Curse. Sends out a projectile that does 5% damage and immobilises the affected enemy for a short time.

◾Custom Side Special 2: Venom Curse. Sends out a close range shockwave in the forward direction that poisons enemies, causing them to take damage over time as if they had a flower on their head. A poisoned enemy is denoted by green bubbles emanating from them.

◾Up Special: Reincarnate. Tlachtga will explode, and respawn using the general respawn platform without losing a stock. She will not heal, and have an additional 20% extra damage. This cannot be used while being launched, and also cannot be used when above 120% damage.

◾Down Special: Switch. Turn control over to Ren.

Smash Attacks

Smash attacks are performed as a group, as opposed to the regular attacks. The character you are controlling will perform the attack in the same direction you direct it, while the other character will perform it in the opposite direction. This covers them from all sides. This also means that if Ren uses an Up Smash Tlachtga will use a Down Smash and vice versa. If Ren and Tlachtga are separated, or one of them is KOed, only the character you are controlling will attack.

◾Forward Smash: Ren’s Forward Smash depends on what stance she is currently in. If she is in no stance, she will use Slantwise Cut, which hits once at the start (4-7%) and four more times (1% each) afterwards as long as the first hit connected. In Drawing Stance, it will be Frigid Slash (6-9%), which has a large hitbox, and will have an additional ice effect. In Clear Stance, it will be Lightning Stab (5-9)%, which is a thrust attack imbued with electricity. In Upper Stance, it will be Flame Grater (8-12%), which is an overhead swing imbued with fire.

Tlachtga will create a small energy ball in front of her, which will gradually grow, and explode when fully charged or the button is pressed (5-8%)

◾Up Smash: Ren will stab upward into the air, imbued with the same element as the stance she is currently in (6-10%).

Tlachtga will perform an attack identical to her forward smash, but upwards.

◾Down Smash: Ren will perform a low spinning attack similar to Shulk’s down Smash (5-9%)

Tlachtga will create two eruptions of energy on either side, similar to Mega Man’s down smash (5-8%).

Final Smash

If both Ren and Tlachtga are alive: Black Mist and Issen. Tlachtga will scatter a concealing fog around the battlefield, causing visibility to become difficult. Ren will then use Issen, hitting all nearby enemies, and dealing a lot of damage (34%). If the enemy starts out with above 65% damage, they will be instantly KOed.

If only Ren is alive: Peerless Combo. Activates like Great Aether. Ren will trap the enemy in a deadly combo of Swallow Strike, Moon Shadow, and Ground Strike, dealing 32% damage all told.

If only Tlachtga is alive: Command. Tlachtga will take control of all enemies close enough to her for a short amount of time. You will be able to direct them off cliffs or into hazards in order to damage them.

Note: Yes, I know I left out aerials and grabs, but I always find those sorts of things difficult. When I’m technically making two movesets at once, I think I have an excuse to leave out something I find difficult.


Rising Again

Towering Pair

(Note: Rising Again and Towering Pair are technically the same song, but are different versions of it)

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