I don’t know if anything like this has been done before, but I would like to make a CYOA based on The Subspace Emissary where your choices influence the plot. A few users have done this on Total Drama Wiki. First, let’s start with the beginning of the story.

Midair Stadium

Mario, Kirby, Peach, and Zelda

  • Playing as: Mario

A large crowd fills the Midair Stadium for a battle between Mario and Kirby. In addition to the generic crowd, Peach and Zelda are in attendance, and Pit watches from a magical fountain in Skyworld. As Mario defeats Kirby, the latter reverts to his trophy form. Mario revives him in good sportsmanship and they both wave to the crowd.

An ominous howling noise fills the stadium as the sky is filled with red clouds. The Halberd arrives and drops Shadow Bugs into the stadium, which form into Subspace Army troops. Peach and Zelda join Mario and Kirby as they fight off the invaders. Shortly afterwards, the Ancient Minister appears, dropping a Subspace Bomb that is prepped with two R.O.B.s and set for detonation in three minutes; the Ancient Minister quickly retreats to the Halberd as it begins to depart.

Okay. So here’s your first choice. Who will you send over to investigate the bomb? Vote in the comments. Whichever one gets the most votes is the choice you make. I'll update once there are 10 votes total in the comments.

A. Mario

B. Kirby

C. Peach

D. Zelda

As Kirby dashes to investigate the bomb, a mysterious smoke cloud appears, and a cannonball is fired from it that propels Mario out of the stadium far into the sky. The cannonball was revealed to be shot by Petey Piranha. Which two people will you send over to fight him?

A. Mario and Peach

B. Mario and Zelda

C. Peach and Zelda

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