Have you ever been deeply annoyed by the characters you keep losing to, or the annoying voices you here? This list is my Top 5 Most Annoying and WORST Smash Bros Characters Who Ruin The Game. I have no idea what Sakurai was even thinking when he added these characters. Without further ado, let's go!

Characters In List Order

Number 5

Character Name: Pac-Man. What was Sakurai thinking? Why did he add Pac-Man? He is a really pointless character and his Final Smash is just bad. I mean, I can't believe he added this pointless character to Smash Bros.

Number 4

Character Name: Diddy Kong Okay, Diddy Kong is just AWFUL. He is a really annoying monkey, and he has an AWFUL final smash. Who would like to listen to his annoying voice? Nobody! Sakurai, if you want to keep Diddy Kong, either make him sound less annoying. Otherwise, there's no point in having him: just get rid of him.

Number 3

Character Name: Young Link I really like Link because of his awesomeness and a great Final Smash, but Young Link didn't have a reason to be in the series whatsoever. Thank God he hasn't returned since Brawl, and he hopefully never does.

Number 2

Have you ever wondered why Smash Bros Brawl is so boring, or why you don't play Smash Bros 4 that much? It's simple: ROB. He is a really pointless character in Smash Bros, but his Final Smash is decent. Sakurai, if you want to make another successful Smash Bros game, please remove ROB.

Number 1

Character Name: Rosalina.

All I have to say about this character is: Thank God this character is ONLY in Smash Bros 4. She is HORRIBLE. She has the most annoying voice in Smash Bros, and she is far too powerful. Nobody can beat her. All I have to say is: NEVER bring this horrible character back, EVER!

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