The Triforce Slash Glitch allows Link or Toon Link to "slide" across a curved platform.

How To Perform

To perform the glitch, create a custom stage the has fall through ramps going in line diagonally so that it forms a semi-circle. Put one set of block or other flat surface that you can stand on inside and outside of the semi-circle. Then Pick Link or Toon Link and any other character. Go to the stage and give Link or Toon Link a Smash Ball and put them outside the semi-circle and the opponent inside the semi-circle. Use the final smash and, if performed correctly, Toon Link or Link should "slide" across the semi-circle. Once you stop sliding, the opponent will receive 30% damage as if it was air-dodged.

Other Methods

It is not necessary for the surface to be a semi-circle, it can just be a line of platforms with a fall through ramp on it. Have the other character stand on the inside of the ramp and you on the outside of it and use the Final Smash. Toon Link or Link should go up the ramp, fly off it, and go into helpless. The opponent will still receive 30% damage.

Another method is to have R.O.B. use his Up Smash and while he is upside down, use the final smash. You will go flying then into Helpless and R.O.B. will receive 30% damage.


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