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    Mewtwo went to sleep. He was dreaming of

    A. The battle against Stingy

    B. Mewthree

    C. Coconut Cream Pies

    D. Memes

    E. Obesity

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    • D.

      Specifically, that meme was...

      A. Stingy

      B. Grand Dad

      C. Spingebill

      D. Saneegee

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    • A

      But because drems r cewl, there was another character in it:

      A. Dankey Kong

      B. Harambe


      D. I like trains kid

      E. Some random 2009 meme (When memes were at their dankest)

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    • E, followed by D

      Stingy was singing The Mine Song with the instruments of 009 Sound System. After Stingy fishes singing, The "I like trains" kid, aka "Trainsgender Guy," says his catchcashphrase, and a train is about to run over Mewtwo, then he wakes up.


      A. looks at this net the clock

      B. Get's out of rest mode without question

      C. Eats a grilled cheeze sandvich

      D. Acts like a savage

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    • D.

      Then Falco challenges Mewtwo to Melee, Final Destination, No items and Mewtwo...

      A. Gets owned.

      B. Becomes Leffen and gets so mad he breaks his Gamecube Controller.

      C. "A skilled Mewtwo can beat any Falco."

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    • A.

      Mewtwo gets so triggered he explodes, then gets back assembled O.O

      Meanwhile, on the battlefield, Stingy wakes up, not remembering what just happened. He

      A. gets an ice cream about THIS high

      B. gets his Piggybank

      C. Watches "Robbie's Dream Team"

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    • A.

      The person who handed him the ice cream was non other than...

      A. *Gasp* Robbie Rotten!

      B. Rick Astly

      C. Gannondorf

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      Then stingy gets a'd b times


      A. RKO

      B. Rickrolled

      C. Stolen from

      D. Rekt

      (Secret Option: he hits a Red Button with a star on it, taking him to a bonus room filled with power ups! Anyone get the reference?)


      A. OVER 9000

      B. Exactly 12

      C. Almost exactly 12 but not quite

      D. len(SANIC SPEED!!!!!!)

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    • B'd D times

      Then, suddenly...

      A. People on the internet realized there were two official rickroll videos by Rick Astley.

      B. Dwayne the Rock Johnson rocks out.


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    • C

      Because guardians of the galaxy is secretly made by valve, everyone knows there will never be a...

      A. third one

      B. Pankake

      C.portal gun

      D. 075th one

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    • E.

      501st leigon.


      A. I hate sand.

      B. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


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    • C

      _______ says "I have the higher ground!"

      A. Stevie Wonder

      B. Flea

      C. Stingy ("All the high ground is mine!")


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    • D.

      Error 404: Mewtwohundredandfortyeight.exe not found

      "I'm hiding"

      Robbie Rotten watches TV a video calld Mewtwohundredandfortyeight, the new and improved Mewt--

      Robbie: How much can one villain take?

      • TV turns back on*


      No! That's not even how it goes!

      Vsauce Michael realizes Mewtwohundredandfortyeight times time = black hole

      A. Run - Awolnation

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    • B

      Something happens

      A. Do something

      B. A

      C. A

      D. A

      E. A

      F. A

      G. A

      H. A

      I. A

      J. A

      K. A

      L. A

      M. A

      N. A

      O. A

      P. A

      Q. A

      R. A

      S. A

      T. A

      U. A

      V. A

      W. A

      X. A

      Y. A

      Z. A

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    • A

      And by "something" I mean Stingy goes to sleep and dreams sweet dreams with memes that are made of these and whipped cream. Who would disagree? I'd rather rule the southern seas. Anyway,

      • The choice is Stingy's yours*
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    • A certain hero, roughed up after a pretty large battle, lays on the ground with cuts and bruised skin. They get up, revealing themselves to be Bloomerang, and begin searching for their allies.

      A. Go to the Gate of Net out of Thin Air

      B. Go to Patchland.

      C. Go to Camp Wawanakwa

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    • A

      It turned out to be Bel Air instead of Thin Air so they took another route, leading to Shrek's swamp

      A. Go back, Freeman!


      C. Bed

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    • B.

      Shrek appeared and went into a rage! Shrek drew near! What will the Bloomerang do?

      A. Shoot (it's boomerangs)

      B. Check

      c. Goods

      D. Defend

      E. Auto Fight

      F. Run Away

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    • C. GOODS

      Found x1 Plant Food!

      Use it?

      >> YES

      >> NO

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    • Yes.

      2 x 10 x 2 damage dealt to Shrek.

      Shrek used...

      A. Ogre punch

      B. Ogre roar

      C. Meme summon

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    • C

      _____ is summoned

      A. Another Shrek

      B. That one dude from we are number one (TODFWANO ( Tod F. Wano))

      D. Stingy

      Note: The we are number one dude's name is now Tod F. Wano

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    • D

      Stingy appears to stop the fight. He says that he had a dream of a 14 yr old girl, who's a menace to society, will attempt to take over the world, like he did, but it's worse. "I can't remember what she said", Stingy say, "...but I think she said 'How bout' something..."

      A. They don't believe him

      B. They don't understand

      C. They take it as a joke

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    • A so C. But then the girl suddenly appeared in front of them and revealed that she held Mewtwo and Falco captive. She also revealed her true identity: ____. And so, Stingy, Shrek and Bloomerang teamed up to save Mewtwo and Falco.

       A) Marth(whom Stingy had mistaken for a 14-yrs-old girl)
       B) Corrin
       C) Robin
       D) someone else(plz add in your comment)
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    • D.

      Danielle Bregoli, who is what Jack was probably talking about.

      What to do first?

      A. Find your other team members. (If you're using this, then the next choices should be a list of who.)

      B. Go straight to the boss and fricking kill yourself.

      C. Fight the Yoshi Tribe to find a new ally.

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    • A.

      You choose to go to... to recruit...

      A. The Smash Realm

      A-1. Pikachu

      A-2. King Dedede

      A-3. Fox

      B. The PvZ Universe.

      B-1. Peashooter

      B-2. Torchwood

      B-3. Cactus

      C. The Memeverse XL

      C-1. Siivagunner

      C-2. Weegee

      C-3. Nicholas Cage.

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    • A-3, followed by B-1, then C-2.

      They came back, staring at each other. They sweated like dogs.

      Meanwhile, Robbie was watching the anime fight that was about to occur on TV.

      Back at the scene,


      Press Start

      B. Time-out

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    • A. Danille was so OP that she defeated the whole team, but Weegee managed to use LOTSA SPAGETTI on himself on his last stock to activate his Final Smash: YTPoltergust 5000.

      A) Danille was Screen KO'd by Weegee's Final Smash and crashed into Robbie's TV.

      A-a) Robbie was upset because he couldn't watch the anime without the TV, and so he...(plz add in comment)
      A-b) Robbie decided to watch the anime fight on the internet instead but he found every video on the internet was turned into YTPs.

      B) The Final Smash was unsuccessful and everyone was captured by Danille as well. The party found Falco and started planning to escape. Mewtwo was missing.

      B-a) Mewtwo was in another castle.
      B-b) Mewtwo escaped by himself earlier.

      C) The Final Smash misfired and caused YTPMVs to be aired on TV nonstop.

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    • B. B-a and Weegee crashed into Robbie's TV. A-a plans to save them, but first he had to come up with a masterplot. The only problem there he had to think alot....

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    • His masterplot was to...

      A. Raise an army to defeat Danille

      B. Become a master of disguise and sneak around in order to free everyone.

      C. YOLO!!!

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    • D. (I didn't finish) orders three villains (Bobby, Tobby, and Flobby) and teaches them through his song (We are Number One) and once they were finished they went to save them.

      A. Your Choice

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    • A: Meanwhile in another castle, Mewtwo, who had known Robbie's masterplot using mind-reading ability, decided to

      A) team up with Robbie to save Falco and the others B) foil Robbie's masterplot and save the team himself C) ask the owner of the castle to buy a new TV and deliver it to Robbie

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    • A.

      However an ad pops up.

      Robbie Rotten's Dream Tea! Order Now!

      A. Shut up!

      B. Return to the scene

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    • A.

      Choice of transportation?

      A. Dock of Shame

      B. Walk of Shame

      C. Drop of Shame

      D. Hurl of Shame

      E. Flush of Shame

      F. Cannon of Shame

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    • E.

      Danielle Catches everyone outside

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    • Robbie and his team encounter Danielle!

      Robbie's Dream Team sent out Robbie!

      What will Robbie do?

      A. Net throw

      B. Soccer ball

      C. Shrink Ray

      D. Disguise

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    • C.

      Robbie tries to stomp on mewtwo with his feet

      what will mewtwo do?

      A.Attack B.Run C.Fly D.Hide

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    • D.

      Suddenly, pineapples!

      Robbie: THROW!

      it's not very effective...

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    • One pineapple was stuck in Stingy and Falco's cage. And another had a living Sponge in it.

      Falco snuck a pocket knife to cut the pineapple and free himself and Stingy, as so, they join Robbie's Meme Tea.

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    • The Meme Tea

      A. is instantly killeded

      B. is serenaded by Danielle's rendition of We are Number One

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    • B. This sorta backfires, therefore every fighter now has half the health.

      A. I like trains

      B. Die, potato

      C. Everybody do the flop

      D. It's Muffin Time!

      E. A cow pretending to be a man/Meow meow I'm a cow

      F. Beep beep I'm a sheep

      G. Darude - Sandstorm

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    • F.

      Purple Shep appeared.

      Also I was given this homework assignment today, and it's about World War II. I have to read this thing first, and please note this was made by real adults.


      you can't make this up

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    • He fortunately gives a map leading to locations the other past team members were located in. Robbie's Meme Tea is holding off Danielle, which leaves the others to locate to the other characters.

      A. Locate Nana (Popo died, remember?)

      B. Locate Tac

      C. Locate Dankey Kang

      D. Realize that a new season of Total Drama was recently announced

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    • C, but suddenly the letter D crashes through the post as PSI Seven looks up "Total Drama New Season".

      What will PSI Seven do now?

      A. Try to count the many Total Drama seasons

      B. Spend five minutes trying to figure out the joke a couple posts above.

      C. Procrastinate

      D. Seal up the brake in the Fourth Wall and get back to the story.

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    • C

      Speaking of procrastinating, Jack is...

      A. procrastinating

      B. Ruining the original FTS

      C. None of the above

      D. How does one none of the above?

      E. Encouraging people to post on engines (AHEM)

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    • E.

      Due to finals approaching, free time is limited. It's reduce by

      A. A quarter

      B. One half

      C. A lot

      D. Lets stop here and get back to the fight.

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    • D.

      Locating Dankey Kang was the first choice, SO IT'S TIME TO GO TO THE MESA!

      A. Earthquake

      B. Suddenly, Pikachu with a bottle of ketchup appears!

      C. Milky Way?

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    • B

      [Whoever is locating Dankey Kang] sees one, hinting that he lost his former trainer (Ash)

      What will [Falco and Stingy?] do?

      A. The flop

      B. The whip (and nae nae)

      C. CatchCash it via Pokeball

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    • A

      While flopping, they notice a WOM, about to EIAMTADW (Explode In A Monstrously Terrible And Disastrous Way). They...

      A. Pick up the WOM

      B. Kill the WOM

      C. Ignore the WOM

      D. Cash it

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    • A.

      But then the WOM starts shaking violently. What move will Pikachu use?

      A. Lightning


      C. Fly

      D. Aggressive Ketchup

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    • D

      The aggressive ketchup does kill, but makes the kill seem more brutal then it should be since it looks like blood.

      A. Continue search

      B. Recruit Ketchup-Pika

      C. Find a new team member after finding Dankey Kang.

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    • B. Ketchup-Pika has now joined you!

      What will Falco, Stingy, and Ketchup-Pika do now?

      A. Locate Dankey Kang

      B. Cut to Robbie's Meme Team fighting Danielle.

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    • B.

      It seems that neither side is gaining the advantage. Until...

      A. Danielle starts to gain the upper-hand

      B. Robbie's Meme Tea starts to gain the upper-hand

      C. Sudden Cutter Kirby?!

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    • C.

      Cutter Kirby threw his cutter wildly. Danielle, seeing she was outmatched, retreated. What should Danielle do now?

      A. Form an army of evil memes.

      B. Search for generic powerful artifact number #235

      C. Procrastinate.

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    • C.

      Danielle's excuse is that she has other things to do and not much time to do them. She leaves behind a WOM, with a note attached that says "Be back Soon!" the WOM:

      A. Explodes, killing everyone

      B. fizzles out

      C. Frizzles out (Hop on the Magic School Bus!)

      D. EIAMTADWs (Explodes In A Monstrously Terrible And Disastrous Way)

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    • C.

      Meanwhile, the Smash Mouth- All Star music video occurs, and that's it. Also the answer to the reply above triggers it to play the note (C).

      On the Magic Schoololo Gus, "Can this please be a normal field trip?" " N O W A Y !" The WOM attempts to do its job, when Ms. Frizzle drifts enough to get the WOM to fall out, landing in the Fallout universe. "War Never Changes" it hears, then "But it's opposite day" (How did an asdf character get in here? lol) "Oh, okay." Then the WOM returns to it's resting state.

      Meanwhile someone in a different universe, the Milky Way, is currently wondering what a WOM is.... Oh wait, that's me, ha!

      a.eiou John Madden

      B. someBODY

      C. Jack Black and his octagon.

      D.anielle Bregoli returns to action

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    • WOM stands for Weapon Of Mass destruction


      Who comes in?

      A. Wonderboy

      B. Young Nastyman

      C. the Mucky-Muck

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    • D. Can't let you do that, Starbucks!

      Star Wolf comes out of nowhere!

      A. Get Starbucks

      B. Burn down Starbucks

      C. Attack Star Wolf

      D. *EXPLOSION*

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    • B. D. A. D. In that order. No I didn't mess that up.

      Falco, Stingy, and Ketchup-Pika find Dankey-Kang. He's being held captive by an army of evil Rabbids, who plan to sacrifice them to their leader, Slightly-Larger-Rabbid. What should our heroes do?

      A. Sneak Dankey-Kang out of there.

      B. Charge into their camp yelling YOLO

      C. Let Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battles happen.

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    • C.

      Due to the stupidness of mixing mario and rabbids, mario turns rabid. Who does he attack?

      A. Slightly-Larger-Rabbid

      B. Stingy

      C. Ketchup pika

      D. not Falco (congrats falco, you're safe!)

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    • C.

      "But it's opposite day." says an asdf guy.

      Therefore, marc hits Pixel instead.

      Dat ain't Falco... What he do?

      A. Throw his bread at sum rabbidzz

      B.Uses Michael P audio to damage their hearing slightly

      Play Star Fox music in the C. note... and not being very effective

      D. Preferring the air but uses Landmaster

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    • D. Because "Hands off my bread!"

      The rabids...

      A. run away.

      B. somehow take down the Landmaster.

      C. CONGA LINE!

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    • C

      The rabbids are distracted by the conga line and the Landmaster kills them dead.

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    • Dankey Kang is freed, but not before Star Wolf shoots a bottle of ketchup. As such, Ketchup-Pika is enraged and kills everyone, but not before...




      D. EXPLOSION! Featuring Dante & Knuckles.

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    • D. Dante fills the team' s dark soul with LIIIIIIGHT and revived the team. Then Ike appears. Ike, Dante and Knuckles joins the team. And then ____

      A) Rayman walks in and slaps Mario in the face because he was salty that the crossover was Mario+Rabbids and not Mario+Rayman. B) The whole party(which now is known as Team Fighting For Friends Ultra Feat. Dante & Knuckles) decides to recruit another teammate before defeating Danielle once and for all. C) The asdf guy used "asdfasdfasdf" to attack the party but was countered by Ike. The asdf guy got no sympathy and was defeated.

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    • C.

      He died even more thanks to a passing train.

      A. Random Rakuen Character Appears.

      B. A dice.

      C. Someone is the letter M.

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    • B.

      You roll:

      A. 1

      B. 2

      C. 4

      D. 3

      5. 5

      F. 6


      I. Pass GO and collect $200

      J. SEVEN!!!

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    • G. And everyone started to play the new minigame. Meanwhile, Robbie's Meme Tea ____.

      A) decides to go to fight Danielle again.

      B) joined TeamFightingForFriendsUltraFeatureDante&Knuckles to play the minigame.

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    • A.



      Meanwhile, Nana (Popo died in the last one) is searching for wherever Team FFFUFDA could be in the jungle. Suddenly...

      A. Flying Fiery Croutons appear.

      B. A paper falls on the ground.

      C. A tripwire activates, making a cage fall right on top of her.

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    • C

      Because no one knows where she was, she

      A. died

      B. made Bacon Pancakes

      C. Created a new and advanced civilization inside the cage which will eventually colonize the Sun

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    • B before A. Then Nana reunited with Popo in spirit form.

      A) Someone(plz add in comment) ate the pancakes.

      B) (back to the fight)

      C) (back to the minigame)

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    • A then B

      Who ate the pancakes?

      A. Wario

      B. bluetwo

      C. Robbie Rotten

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    • D

      A dead meme riding on a unicycle

      A. Oh stick waddup

      B. It's not really dat boi

      C. It's a blurryface, and he cares what you think

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    • Hey man you still on?

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    • B.

      It's Boi Dat

      Option template:

      <Lead-off here>

      A. Option 1

      B. Option 2

      C. Option 3

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    • J. Even bettr1


      Pepe joins Robbie's Meme Tea.

      [Program Interruption]

      [Due to the fact that the LazyTown YouTube channel has fixed the spelling error a while ago, the squad is now known as Meme Team]---

      [Podcast comes back]

      Robbie: Don't do that again! That gave me a headache!

      Podcaster 1: (to Podcaster 2) Don't do it again.

      Meme Team marke their way to Danielle, but

      A. Jake Paul

      B. Lord Farquaad

      C. Jake Paul

      gets in they way.

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    • A and C(The 2 Jake Pauls are known as the Jake Paul Climbers).

      Jake Paul Climbers get in Meme Team's way by ____

      • A Chain grabbing Mewtwo.
      • B Possessing the body of Ice Climbers(since both Popo and Nana have died).
      • C Challenging Meme Team to a fight at Temple with all items on.
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    • C

      It was a stock match with 15 lives, with Jake Paul and Jake Paul having 30. The item rate is extremely high, so it eventually went chaos into 3 and a half minutes of the fight. Bob-ombs everywhere, Smash Balls flying, Bumpers hitting everyone. Pieces of the Dragoon and the Daybreak.

      More Bob-ombs came when Morshu appeared in the background. He dropped bombs everywhere cover with lamp oil and wrapped in rope.

      This weakened some of the Meme Team, and especially Jake Paul and Jake Paul.

      Pepe used his final smash:


      Announcer: GAME!

      This game's winner is...

      Meme Team!

      What happens next?

      A. ??

      B. ??

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    • A, which is: Meme Team decides to take a break before challenging Danielle since everyone on the team was hurt during the battle, but suddenly...

      • A "Here comes our boi!" Roy(Fire Emblem) comes out of nowhere and does something(plz add in comment).
      • B Danielle ambushes! With the help of the Jake Climbers, she defeats the whole team, but Mewtwo and Falco manages to survive somehow.
      • C Ready for the next battle! This time, Jake Climbers kept stalling and teabagging to iritate the whole team.
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    • B.ack to the minigame!

      Everyone plays a round of The Beat Goes On. Who wins?

      A. Mario

      B. I Like Trains Kid

      C.Dante & Knuckles

      D.ankey Kang

      E.Ketchup Pika


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    • D.ankey Kang and his dank mememes where his coconut cream pies originated

      Bacc to the ambush. Blah blah blah. Mewtwo and Falco find shelter to survive the stormy night. Once they completed it, they settled in, when Sonic rushes to them since he survived somehow as well.

      A. Nothing

      B. Something

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    • A.

      Dankey Kang rushed in with them, but the lightning causes a creature to be summoned...

      A. Dat Boi

      B. Frankenstein

      C. Sonic 17, the even worse sequal then Sonic 06

      D. DAB BOI

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    • A. I thought we talked about this...

      Dat Boi does nothing, then he kills Mewtwo, Falco, Sonic and Dankey Kang but then they resurrect for no reason after Dat Boi unicycled away...

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    • Suddenly, A type of Kirby with a copy ability manages to get to where the group is. Suddenly, THE MOST EVIL CHIP IN THE GAME CAPTURED HIM! ( Also, you need to answer two parts.

      1. What Copy Ability did that mysterious Kirby utilize? (No funny business, okay? Let this be normal, please.)

      A. Beam

      B. Sword

      C. Fire

      D. Ice

      E. Hammer

      F. Cutter

      G. Needle

      H. Parasol

      I. Spark

      J. Plasma

      K. ESP

      2. Choose which members to send for the epic fight against THE MOST EVIL CHIP IN THE GAME!

      A. Everyone.

      B. Half of the group.

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    • 1.F(This Cutter Kirby is the SAME Cutter Kirby that helped Meme Team fighting Denielle.)

      2.C: Mewtwo,Falco,Sonic and Dankey Kang(since they are the only survivors of Meme Team)

      It turns out that THE MOST EVIL CHIP IN THIS GAME was a minion of Danille, so everyone on Meme Team joins the fight. Meme Team gains the upper hand at first, but then Danille and Jake Climbers join the fight. Without Cutter Kirby, Meme Team is unable to outmatch Danille.

      • A Meme Team retreats.
      • B Kirby manages to escape and helps Meme Team again.
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    • A.

      How will they escape?

      A. Call in the Corneria.

      B. Run

      C. Inter-dimensional portal.

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    • B then A in that there order

      They ran into in area filled with Spycrabs and Hoovies. They make their way through and reached the cliff. They jumped off where the Corneria was waiting for them.

      They took a break in the Corneria, during that moment the ship encounters enemies. Slippy (or whoever's piloting it, ROB 64 maybe?) dodges their fire for 5 minutes until it got damaged enough to crash, so it did.

      "There was no danger at all"

      They landed on a Halo to get repairs but suddenly

      A. Super Minecraft Kid, Steve and Chica

      B. a Spycrab

      C. a Hoovy

      D. a boss enemy from The Subspace Emissary

      Draws Near!

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    • D.


      Rayquaza: You don't say?!


      A. I choose you, Mewtwo!

      B. A random Bronto Burt blows up ( (It's quiet, turn up the volume please.)

      C. It rains dragons...?

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    • A.

      Mewtwo then....

      • A Gets owned.
      • B Owns Rayquaza.
      • C Weakens Rayquaza, hoping to catch/recruit it.
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    • B.

      Why? I'm bored.

      Suddenly, you realize you need to get back to your place and save Cutter Kirby from THE MOST EVIL CHIP IN THE GAME, so how? The ship is repaired, but I don't know what to do!

      A. Fly the ship, idiot.

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    • A, simple as that.

      Dankey Kang: Can I fly it?

      Pilot: No.

      Dankey Kang: Oh, ok.


      Written and Directed by: Michael Rosenbay

      A. Continue the story

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    • Hang on. Give me a sec. There are so many choices to choose from.

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    • No options for me to choose? It's okay. I'll just continue the story in this thread then.

      The pilot takes Meme Team to (1)

      • 1-A Final Destination
      • 1-B New Pork City(in Brawl)
      • 1-C Fountain of Dreams

      to (2)

      • 2-A recruit new teammates.
      • 2-B challenge Danielle and her minions again.
      • 2-C buy free ice-cream!
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    • 1-C and 2-B


      Anyways, the Meme Team arrives to the Fountain of Dreams, and some Stardust is seen in a trail.

      A. Follow it.

      B. Don't follow it.

      C. Swallow it?

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    • C

      Kirbeh succs all stardust and stores them for a backup attack when he heard "hay lit meh out" kirbeh spid out teh theng dat wuz talking. it wuz spodermaan

      A. recruit him

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    • A.

      Spooderman has lots of experience fighting memes, and will make a great addition to your team. Danielle, Chip, and the Jack Climbers arrive, and the battle begins. Choose some epic music to play in the background during the epic battle!




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    • Secret Option: Megalovania

      However, the option the next player picks is B.


      Meme Team

      • Mewtwo
      • Falco
      • Sonic
      • Dankey Kang
      • Kirby
      • spoderman

      Team 10 (Danielle)

      • Danielle "Ann" Bregoli
      • Jake Climbers
      • Chip (Dubbo?)
      • A possessed Hoovy
      • A possessed Spycrab
      • A Big Primid

      Who goes first?

      A. Meme Team

      A.1. Dankey Kang

      A.2. spoderman

      B. Team 10

      B.1. Jake Climbers

      B.2. Big Primid

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    • A.2 and B.2

      Big Primid and spoderman take 75 damage from the other's attack. What next?

      A. The fight goes nowhere until the group gets stranded on platforms on a volcano stream.

      B. Microphone rain.

      C. Screaming turtles!

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    • C. Those turtles happen to be mines. Turtle mines. Screaming mines. Screaming turtles mines. Jake A steps and Falco step on some, taking 60 damage each.

      What should Spycrab do?

      A. Headshot

      B. Magic bucket

      C. Deep cut

      D. Little ball

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    • A. This attack (1).

      1-A. Hit, which deals 100 damage to...( if you choose this, plz add in comment)

      1-B. Missed

      Then an Assist Trophy appeared, and (2) grabbed the Assist Trophy to summon (3).

      2-A. Mewtwo

      2-B. Sonic

      2-C. Danielle

      2-D. Chip

      3-A. A random character

      3-B. A random meme

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    • 1-A - Falco, but he reflects it.



      It was Shrek, who he questions how he got here. "Last time i remember I was fighting you guys"

      Sonic: Get 'em!

      Shrek uses

      A. someBODY ONCE TOLD ME

      B. love and life

      C. his powerful ogre hands


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    • A. and D.

      The loud sound wave deals massive damage (300) to all enemies. Because of the 300 damage, LEONIDAS APPEARS! He yells "THIS IS SPARTA!!!" and sends everyone to a lava stream on floating rocks that doesn't seem to end, and it's very chaotic.

      A. OH **** WADDUP (Has nothing to do with summoning Dat Boi)

      B. A figure with a golden radiant sword watches from above.

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    • B. Meme Team is hurt by the lava stream and is about to be defeated.

      Danielle: Finish them!

      Jake Climbers use their Final Smash: A Jake Paul version of Iceberg . Just then...


      The aforementioned mysterious figure performs an Aether to slice the Iceberg apart, saving Meme Team. He then reveals his true identity...

      ♪ Super Fighting Robot, Mega Man! ♪

      "Mega Man! What are you doing here? And why are you equipped with Ragnell?"

      "I'll explain later. For now, let's fight them!"

      Mega Man then temporally joined Meme Team. Then he

      A Performs a Great Aether(since he got Ike's abilities somehow).

      B Summons Rush, who then transforms into a Landmaster for Mega Man to use.

      C Uses his Final Smash.

      S(stands for "Secret option") Throws a Master Ball, "I choose you, Latias!"

      Latias's Latiasite is reacting to Mega Man's Mega Buster!

      Latias has Mega Evolved into Mega Latias!

      Answer the following part only if you choose S.

      What will Latias do?

      s-A Fight

      s-B Defend

      s-C Item

      s-D Check

      s-E Pair Up(with Mega Latios)

      s-F Wait

      s-G AutoFight

      s-H Run

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    • A. Team 10 is completely wrecked by the Great.. AETHEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!1111!!!one

      Danielle, seeing that she will need more allies to completely destroy the Meme Team, decides to seek the help of...

      A. The Illuminati

      B. Merasmus

      C. Tabuu

      D. All of the above

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    • D.

      but the possession of the hoovy and spycrab wore off and tried to stop her, but she fled. While she ran, she didn't realize she was running into Shrek's swaws (swamp); where the rest of the Meme Team fought Shrek until Stingy interupted them; They all broke free at that moment and captured her.

      How do they end her?

      A. Wuhu Volcano

      B. Fed to the dragon from Shrek

      C. Blast her into spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace

      D. FUS RO DAH

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    • C, but she teched the blasting on the ledge on Final Destination, which is somehow located in space (or Subspace, maybe? ). Mega Man teleported to there to prevent Danielle from recruiting Master Core. Then he summons Ike, and then

      A. Mega Man and Ike say "Prepare yourself!" and then perform the Great Aether together.

      B. Ike picks up a Homerun Bat from nowhere and performs a Side Smash.

      C. They perform the WOMBO COMBO!

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    • B, A, and C in that order. Danielle is defeated.

      Mission Passed

      Respect +

      Mega Man and Ike teleport back to the Meme Squad, And have a

      A. party

      B. Funeral, since Billy Mays, Harambe, Gabe the Dog died. And, eventually...

      C. [anything else]

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    • A, then B, then A again.

      And so they lived happily ę̸̨̡̟̳̦͔̻̣̠͙̉̿́̒̚͠v̶̡̩̻̜́͋͗̑͒̓̈́̂̊͒̀͋͝e̷̢̮̗̝͙̜̰̺̳̭͔̤̲̿̓͐̾́̈͝ŕ̶̮͚͇̯͔̫̦͍͍̜̜̭̻̼̓̿̓̾̑̎̏̀́̓̓̑͝͝ͅ ̷̡͓͕͎͈͚͔͉͙̦̭͓͇̐̓͛͌͘͜ͅȁ̶̡̧̨̡̢͉̥̪͚͕̲̼̺̆͐̄͗̓̆̚f̶͖̻͇͓̤̫̪͓̞̫̀̿̾̇̎̀̓̈́̈́́̍͐̚̚͝t̴̖̑̆̋̀͐̓̉e̷̢̨̢̮͇̦͕̞̗͙̕r̶̛̙͎͕͈̲͕͚̉̂ṛ̶̡̝̠̯͎̬̳͇̺̮͓̣̗̱͒̌̋r̶̡̢͓̲̙̘̯̰̖̜̘̀̾͑̀͑́̈́̋̀̋̚̕͝.̶̙̠͚̣̫͂̔̈́̈͋͐͌͛̿̎͂̒̈.̸̛̯̭̯̣̋̿̆̏̓̍̚̚͝ͅ.̷̢̧̡͖͖͙͎̗̪̞̳̊̊̊̽̌̽̐͛.̸̘̯͉͉̳̱̟̿̿̆̒̿͒͋̔̋̈́̿̽̃̚


      Oh no.

      Suddenly, the Illuminati appears, along with a ghostly image of Danielle and Tabuu. Danielle and the Illuminati fuse, creating a black hole. Tabuu opens several portals around the black hole. Tabuu taunts the heroes saying, "This will finally be your end heroes! You'll never be able to stop this monstrosity." Tabuu then teleports away. Countless memes come out of the portals and are sucked into the black hole. Soon, every meme in existence, old and new, have fused with with the black hole. There was a bright flash of light, and in place of the black hole, there was a giant being made of every meme in existence, the Omega Memelord!

      Omega Memelord

      What shall our heroes do?

      A. Fight! For glory! For our friends! For the future of the mutiverse! For NARNIA!!!

      B. Run man run!!!

      Also this music plays:

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    • B then A, after they got to a dead end. The fighters called the memes of all ages. 2009, Rage Comics, YTPs, Dank Memes (Early and Mid-2016), Late-2016 and 2017 memes, they all came in. Their power outnumbered the Omega Memelord. Furthermore, he

      A. Ran

      B. Fought for himself

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    • B.

      Within 3-5 turns,the Omega Meme Lord has fallen to the Meme Squad. They went after Tabuu, who was about to draw the galaxy to Subspace. "Let's fight" He says.

      Who goes first?

      A. Tabuu

      B. Shrek

      C. Ike

      D. Stingy

      E. Falco

      F. Robbie

      G. Michael Rosen

      H. All of the above (except A)

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    • H. Together, they use

      A. Singing We are Number One

      B. Dispenser insert

      C. Vinesauce insert

      D. Flood Subspace by spamming, double posting, etc.

      E. A+B+C+D

      F. None of the above (plz add in comment if you choose this)

      S(stands for secret option). 4th wall break

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    • D. Tabuu takes heavy damage, but then blasts all of the spam away.

      What shall Tabuu do?

      A. Chain of Light

      B. Golden Bracket

      C. Shark Blade

      D. Explosive teleport

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    • D, followed by A

      Tabuu uses Chain of Light on David Blaine, but he changes it to a "Casin of Height". After the music fades It plays again, but with Eminem and Nate Dogg rapping/singing it, getting Tabuu distracted by it. He eventually uses Shark Blade on Jacob Sartorious Meh from The Emoji Movie, it's super effective. Meh is down.

      Who goes next?

      A. Steve Harwell

      B. Moonbase Alpha astronaut, aka "aeiou"

      C. The army from the entire important videos playlist

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    • A, B and C all at once, but just before they make an action, the entire Subspace starts to crash due to the fighters spamming just now. Therefore, Tabuu controls Master Hand and Crazy Hand to

      A) Delete all the spamming posts

      B) Search for a better Internet

      C) Insert a video that requires Flash to play to make the Subspace server's crash even more

      D) Press F5

      E) Keep on fighting, while Tabuu himself ragequits

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    • D, but nothing happened so A.


      A. Master Hand attacks

      B. Crazy Hand attacks

      C. both

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    • C. They use...

      A) The Clap

      B) The Punch

      C) The Platform Combo

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    • All of them at once

      This logical impossibility causes three separate universes to join into one, so now there are three master hands, three crazy hands, three tabuus, and three meme armies

      Who attacks first?

      A, Meme armies

      B, the Hands

      C, T=the Tabuus

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    • Secret option: Use mor logic to delete the clones and continue the fight

        Loading editor
    • That's not how logic works

        Loading editor
    • That's how GoAnimate smash logic works

      A. Okay

        Loading editor
    • NessTaunt2


      Ness joins the team. Then he performs a Side Smash on Master Hand. However, this causes Master Hand and Crazy Hand to become Master Core. Tabuu, Master Core and the Meme armies fuse and transform into Memester Tabuu. Memester Tabuu creates a Master Fort and traps the fighters inside. The fighters...

      A) Do something

      B) Same as A

      C) Your choice

      D) Free space

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    • A. They must venture deep within the fortress and destroy the four hearts of darkness.

      You encounter several shadowy clones of Plasma Wisps, Ran Ran Ruu McDonald, and Hammer Bros.

      What do you do? (Pick a character and an action)

      A. Ness uses

      A-A. PK Fire.

      A-B. PK Thunder

      A-C. PK Freeze

      B. Donkey Kong

      B-A. Barrel Throw

      B-B. Punch

      B-C. Coconut Gun

      C. Pikachu

      C-A. Volt Tackle

      C-B. Quick Attack

      C-C. Headbut

      D. Wiki User

      D-A. Combine the CMA and FTS universes.

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    • Then the 4th wall start to crack, and a mysterious figure comes out from the crack...

      A wild SALAMENCE appeared!

      The wild SALAMENCE fixed the break in the 4th wall and continued the story!

      ...*Ahem*Anyway. There's little time left for the heroes to defeat the four hearts of darkness or Memester Tabuu will turn the entire universe into never-ending chaos, so Ness, DK and Pikachu hold the shadowy clones back while the others split into 4 groups to defeat the hearts of darkness. Mewtwo and Robbie go north; Falco and Stingy go south; Kirby and Sonic go east; Ike and Ragnell Megaman go west.

      A: Back to the fight against the shadowy clones

      B: Cut to the north

      C: Cut to the south

      D: Cut to the east

      E: Cut to the west

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    • D.

      Kirby and Sonic see a heart on the other side of the room. Between the heart and them are several moving platforms above a pool of acid. What shall they do?

      A. Parkour across the platforms

      B. Kirby throws Sonic at the heart

      C. Wait, can't you float Kirby?

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    • B and C.

      Then the ground suddenly starts to shake. The heart arises and transforming into a giant shadowy version of (1) and grabs Sonic, but Kirby realizes that he can float and manages to free Sonic. Then (2) goes first and used (3).

      1-A Danielle

      1-B A boss enemy from The Subspace Emissary

      1-C the Illuminati

      1-D Omega Meme Lord

      2-A The answer for (1)

      2-B Kirby

      2-C Sonic

      3-A A move

      3-B An item

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    • 1-D 2-C and 3-B

      Nova Stopmonk doesn't have time to specify what move Sonic is about to use, so he let's

      A. The next user

      choose it.

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    • A, which is a Master Ball.

      Sonic throws the Master Ball but it hits the 4th wall, breaking it again. A Salamence is summoned from the Master Ball, and it uses Dragon Pulse( on Omega Meme Lord, dealing 60% damage. Then it says:"Seriously, we need more people to make this forum active!!!1" out loud...

      A. But nothing happens!

      B. And someone has finally arrived to continue this story, much to Salamence's joy.

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    • A

      And that's exactly what happened. For over a month nobody posted.... until now.

      A. Next Move

      B. Pass

        Loading editor
    • A

      The crack in the 4th wall still hasn't been fixed, and both YAIV and BTUAY threads are closed, so...


      1-A It's super effective!

      1-B It's not very effective.

      Then Omega Meme Lord summoned dank memes, which are Weegee and Sanic, to fight Kirby and Sonic with (2)

      2-A no items on Final Destination

      2-B all items on Temple

      2-S all other memes on Lazytown

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    • 1-A 2-A

      Meanwhile, Nova realized he locked the threads by making the last posts even though it was supposed to be less... However, there is no time to spare. He saw that a YouTuber with 1,530 subscribers as of this message added his channel to featured channels. That means he will get more subs, which is bad because his content is bad. What will he do?

      A. idk

      B. succ it up

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    • A

      Then the 4th wall got fixed somehow.

      A Back to the fight against Omega Meme Lord

      B Back to the fight against the shadowy clones

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    • A FANDOM user
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