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Special Stage
Universe Super Smash Bros.
Appears in SSBM
Availability Hacking only or Action replay with debug menu

The Test stage (aka "The Coffee Shop") is a stage that can only be accessed with an Action Replay or by installing "Crazy Mod" and is not used in the game normally.


Fox and Falco on the Test stage. Note the length of the stage.

For some very odd reason, the background of the stage has an image of a coffee shop, hence its nickname. The platforms are all gray polygons and come in different sizes. Some of these platforms are immobile, while some move vertically. The stage is very wide and stretches out at a long distance. The player can use any item, enemies, or other objects that the Debug Menu allows you to use. For some reason, the Corneria stage music will play on this level. One theory for this is related to the fact that the main tier of the stage looks similar to the Great Fox on Corneria.

The background image is actually a common test image used in 3D graphics. It can be seen in, for example, early editions of the OpenGL Programming Guide.

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