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  • Auto Cancel = A move that is stopped prematurely that allows you to attack again. This is actually automatic in Brawl. It usually happens with aerial attacks when you land and have no landing animation, which allows you to attack again immediately.
  • IASA = Interruptible As Soon As, is like a cancel. The only difference is the game doesn't do it for you. There are attacks that you can interrupt before the full attack animation is over. This means that you can attack again, part way through the original attack. You interrupt it, as soon as you press another button.
  • Spike = An attack that sends the opponent straight down.
  • Knockback = Just what the name says. When you get hit, you get knocked back.
  • Super Armor = Frames of animation during an attack that makes you impervious to knockback. You can still take damage, but you don't go anywhere.
  • Stale Moves = A penalty to damage and knockback that the game gives you for repeating the same moves over and over again.
  • Priority = An attack that will hit first if collided with another attack.
  • Spamming = Abusing one attack or strategy.
  • Gimping = Catching somebody on their recovery attempt with a little attack that sends them just out of range of the stage for an easy KO.
  • Camp/Camping = Standing on one side of the stage and spamming projectiles, or waiting there until somebody comes near you.
  • Edge Hogging = Hanging off the side of the stage so when your opponent tries to grab the edge, he/she gets nothing.
  • Dead weight = When you hit someone into somebody else.
  • Tech or Teching = Pressing the shield button as soon as you hit a wall or the ground to pop up from it immediately.
  • Stage Spike = When a move knocks the opponent into the stage which causes the knockback direction to change and send them flying downwards.
  • Wall of Pain (WoP) = Use of Jigglypuff's forward or back airs to push opponents over the side blast lines of a stage.
  • Fence of Pain (FoP) = Kirby's back air used the same way as in a WoP. It is called an FoP because it has more openings. However, since it has been improved in Brawl, it could arguably be a kind of WoP.

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