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Swimming in Subspace Emissary note a lot of enemies are K.Od by contact of water

Swimming is a technique in Super Smash Bros. games. A character can swim in water for a set amount time. A character will drown if in the water for a certain amount of time. They also cannot attack and can only move to the left or right and jump.



Main article, Soaking

Characters like Ganondorf and Wolf can use the water to their advantage. Considering their Meteor smashes frequently can cause them to fall faster and difficult to recover from, they are somewhat used to cause early K.Os. pinning opponents to the water and repeatedly using their meteor smashes will eventually drown the opponent. Why this is useful is because the water mechanism is to lift all players to the surface, the heavier the slower, you can keep floating back upward so if you miss you can try again. Eventually you will push the opponent so far down they will be K.Od. The key is to keep the opponent at sea, hence the term "Soaking".


  • Even though Squirtle can naturally swim, it will still drown after a certain amount of time.
  • Sonic can swim, even though he naturally cannot.

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