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Super Smash Bros. Metagame is a compilation video by Gimpyfish. The video essentially constitutes a very large combo video, and features a collection of clips taken from actual professional Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament matches which feature, collectively, every playable character in the game being played at what is believed to be the highest level of skill possible. The video is sorted by universe, meaning that it begins with a collection of characters from the Mario series (including Yoshi, though excluding Donkey Kong), then moves on to a collection of Fire Emblem characters, and so on. On YouTube, each of these segments, as well as the introduction and credits sequences, are posted as a separate video, due to movie length and file size restrictions, though the entire movie can be downloaded through a link posted in each video's description. Characters who represent the only character in their universe (other than Yoshi, who is featured in the Mario segment) have been grouped into two videos, sorted by the debuts of the characters. Samus, Donkey Kong, Mr. Game & Watch, and the Ice Climbers are featured in the "Pre-90s" Segment, while Captain Falcon, Kirby, and Ness are featured in the "Post-90s" Segment.

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