In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, there is a glitch where 2 players can play as the same character and the same costume. The glitch is very easy to do. Go to Group mode and then go to Brawl. Then, both players choose the same character (example: Mario)Player 1 chooses Mario in his normal costume (Red Hat, Blue Overalls). Player 2 chooses Mario in his second costume (Fire Mario). Player 1 changes to none, where it shows None on the bottom and a cross sign. Player 2 then changes into Player 1's costume. Now change it to a team battle and invite Player 1 back in. Click Team Battle again to turn it off. If both player are the same color and character, you've done it correctly. Choose a stage and play. This works with all characters and all costumes. Note that when you finish a match and go to the character selection screen again, both characters will be in different costumes and you will have to do the process again if you are going to continue playing VS. matches.

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