The Super Jump Punch is Mario, Luigi, and Dr. Mario's Up Special Move. When performed by either Mario or Dr. Mario, they jump up diagonally with more vertical range than horizontal; if the attack strikes an enemy during the jump, coins fly out of the enemy, and the foe receives multiple hits. The last hit of the attack deals little knockback, but it can Star KO opponents if used near the upper blast line, especially in Brawl.

Character Differences


When Mario uses this attack each hit does 1% damage. Average damage is around 10-13%. Moderate knockback, though seems to be strongest in Brawl. It is a poor recovery overall due to its short range and being easily edgeguarded, with the exception of Super Smash Bros., where it has a great vertical range, and can reach Dream Land's top, and decent horizontal range if aimed forward. However, using Cape will aid Mario's horizontal recovery, making recovering a little easier. Cape, combined with the Super Jump Punch's some horizontal and mainly vertical range will give Mario a good horizontal recovery, though the attack's normal angle will make it a terrible move to use vertically in some situations below the ledge. It is possible to "aim" the Super Jump Punch straight up vertically by holding the Control Stick in the opposite direction they are facing during the "spark" of the Super Jump Punch's animation, and can be angled vertically as well by aiming the Control Stick forward. in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U it's vertical distance has been increased improving it's recovery potential. It has more landing lag in said game as well as Brawl, though.

Super Jump Punch can be used offensively as well. It can combo out of down throw, up aerial, and up tilt, and is also great for getting a K.O off the ceiling. Super Jump Punch has good combo potential, being quite fast in execution and boasting from above average priority.

Mario's Special Moves
SSB Melee Brawl SSBWU/3DS
Standard Special Fireball
Side Special Cape
Up Special Super Jump Punch
Down Special Mario Tornado F.L.U.D.D.
Final Smash Mario Finale

Dr. Mario

In Super Smash Bros. Melee, when Dr. Mario performs the attack, coins fly out of the enemy, and the foe receives about 12% damage. Dr. Mario's version of the attack is exactly the same as Mario's, but is more powerful, and scores fewer hits in Melee. Also, the sound effect is different than the usual sound made when Mario grabs a coin. Using the cape to aid his version of the recovery is less noticeable and less helpful than Mario's because of its lag, sending Dr. Mario up and forward only once.

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U, Dr. Mario's Super Jump Punch was retooled, now hitting like a sex kick with a single strong hit that deals 13.44% damage if he's close enough to an opponent, and a sourspot at the peak of the jump that deals 6.72%. In a nutshell, it is a less extreme version of Luigi's, with some bits of Mario's blended in. It's similar to Luigi's Fire Jump Punch in Super Smash Bros.. There's no more coins when he hits an enemy. It is useful for tech-chases similar to Marth's Dolphin Slash, and can KO around 130%. If hit clean and aimed in the opposite direction, it can hit foes behind him. Worth noting it's distance was unchanged, making it even worse in comparison to SSB4's generally greatly improved recoveries

Dr. Mario's Special Moves
Standard Special Megavitamins
Side Special Super Sheet
Up Special Super Jump Punch
Down Special Dr. Tornado
Final Smash Doctor Finale


Luigi's Super Jump Punch normally only deals 1% damage, and only makes a character flinch very slightly in Super Smash Bros. However, if the attack's sweetspot hits a character, it becomes a powerful Fire Jump Punch, which deals 25% damage with catastrophically high knockback that can KO opponents as low as 60% (50% in Super Smash Bros. and Brawl). The sweetspot also does high shield damage in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS ans Wii U. Luigi can turn around after the initial hitbox, however, its usefulness is questionable. In Smash 64, Luigi moves forward like Mario, but cannot move far horizontally while helpless. In Super Smash Bros. Melee, Luigi's attack sends him vertically without any horizontal range, forcing him to rely on his Green Missile for recovery. In Brawl, Luigi turns upside down at the peak of his jump, allowing for more horizontal movement after the move, but has more landing lag compared to the Melee version. The Fire Jump Punch if used in the air is slightly weaker than if used on the ground, dealing 20%, rather than 25%.

It is possible to combo with it by small jumping, performing an Neutral Aerial, and then using a sweetspotted Fire Jump Punch at percentages around 40% with many characters. In the original, Luigi can use the first hits of his forward and down aerial to combo into it. makes a distinctive "KREEEEEENG" sound when landed successfully. It is often used in conjunction with Negative Zone if players are dizzy, taunting, or asleep.

Luigi's Special Moves
SSB Melee Brawl SSBWU/3DS
Standard Special Fireball
Side Special Green Missile
Up Special Super Jump Punch
Down Special Luigi Cyclone
Final Smash Negative Zone Poltergust 5000

Custom Variations

Explosive Punch

Explosive Punch is one of Mario's Up Special Moves that can be used via customizations. It is an explosive version of the Super Jump Punch. Mario won't jump as high, but the move is stronger.


  • Deals more damage
  • Better for K.O'ing


  • Slightly slower
  • Doesn't travel as high
  • Not always reliable for combo finishers

Mario's Explosive Punch deals more damage than the default. It is slightly slower, so it may not be as reliable as a combo finisher, though if it does connect it can be a powerful K.O move. Unfortunately it cannot go as high into the air, so Mario may not be able to recover with it.

Super Jump

Super Jump is one of Mario's and Dr. Mario's Up Special Moves that can be used via customizations. Mario/Dr. Mario jumps higher, but the move doesn't deal any damage. Mario covers much greater lengths, but Dr. Mario's Super Jump only travels as high as Mario's default Super Jump Punch.


  • Travels higher
  • Slightly more horizontal distance


  • Doesn't deal damage
  • No combo finisher
  • Won't K.O opponents up close

Both Mario and Dr. Mario have the Super Jump custom move. It goes much higher than their average Super Jump Punch, but unlike the default it will not deal any damage, and so it cannot be used as a combo finisher or to secure K.Os off of the ceiling. Considering Dr. Mario's poor recovery with his default move, the Super Jump is more beneficial to him than it would to Mario, though it is a reliable recovery option for both of them either way.

Mario's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Fast Fireball Fire Orb
Side Special Shocking Cape Gust Cape
Up Special Super Jump Explosive Punch
Down Special Scalding F.L.U.D.D. High-Pressure F.L.U.D.D.

Ol' One-Two

Ol' One-Two is one of Dr. Mario's Up Special Moves than can be used via customization. Won't travel as high, but instead performs a fiery jump punch attack that deals two hits and decent knockback.


  • Deals more damage (1st hit is weak but the 2nd hit is stronger)
  • Can K.O
  • Hits multiple opponents up-close (2 opponents maximum)


  • Doesn't travel as high
  • Not always useful for KOing opponents off the upper blastline.
  • Bad recovery move

Dr. Mario's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Fast Capsule Mega Capsule
Side Special Shocking Sheet Breezy Sheet
Up Special Super Jump Ol' One-Two
Down Special Soaring Tornado Clothesline Tornado

Fiery Jump Punch

Fiery Jump Punch

Fiery Jump Punch is one of Luigi's Up Special Moves that can be used via customization. It's now easier to sweetspot the fiery punch, and has more horizontal movement, but Luigi gains less vertical distance, and the attack is weaker overall.


  • Easier to get a Critical Hit.
  • More horizontal distance.


  • Doesn't travel as high
  • Crictical Hit is weaker

The Fiery Jump Punch is simply put, a crutch. While it is easier to land the clean hit, it is noticeably weaker and sacrifices too much recovery height. The ease of contact is counterbalanced by the weakness of the Fire Punch. Overall, you're better off learning the timing for the default than getting used to the Fiery Jump Punch's range.

Burial Header

Burial Header

Burial Header is Luigi's other customization. Luigi cannot fire punch opponents on the way up, but can bury them on the way down.


  • Buries opponents.
  • Great combo/KO setup.
  • Edge-guarding.
  • Greater vertical distance (Recovery-wise)


  • Doesn't travel as high; and could result in a Self-Destruct due to Luigi's fast falling speed.
  • No Critical Hit.
  • Deals less damage.

The Burial Header is a high-risk-high-reward move. Although it deals less damage and has no critical hit or KO power, it is great for edge-guarding opponents because the hit on the way down can launch opponents away again. It has some combo and KO set-ups as well, burying opponents and keeping them still for a powerful KO move at higher percentages and some combo starters at middle percentages, if Luigi is fast enough. Recovery wise, it has the best vertical distance of his up specials (able to reach the top platform in Battlefield) but has less horizontal movement, and Luigi falls down very fast.

Luigi's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Bouncing Fireball Iceball
Side Special Floating Missile Quick Missile
Up Special Fiery Jump Punch Burial Header
Down Special Mach Cyclone Clothesline Cyclone


The Super Jump Punch is a unique special move in that it is based on a very simple
SSB Super Jump Punch Artwork

Artwork from Super Smash Bros.

technique used by the Mario Bros. - the jump. In the original Super Mario Bros., Mario and Luigi used their jump to cross gaps (called "abysses"), stomp on enemies (namely Koopa Troopas and Goombas), and break bricks or hit blocks to reveal coins or power-ups (namely Super Mushrooms and Fire Flowers). The Super Jump Punch is based on Mario and Luigi's ability to reveal multiple coins from blocks with a jump; this is seen when Mario, Dr. Mario, or Luigi use the attack on a foe. During the jump animation in these games, Mario and Luigi would raise a fist in the air, which is where the punch comes from.


  • Coins are the currency of the Mushroom Kingdom in the Mario series. In the Super Smash Bros. Series, they are created when the Jump Punch connects with an opponent. The appearance of these coins is modeled after the coins from Super Mario 64.
  • In Melee, the appearance of the coins is the same as the original Super Smash Bros., but the coins for the Trophy Lottery look similar, as well as the ones in the Game Over screen. Also, these same coins are used on the Game Over screen in Brawl's Subspace Emissary or Classic Modes to continue, as well as the Coin Launcher. Lastly, there is a Coin sticker.
  • This move is occasionally referred to as "Pay-Day Punch", given that Nintendo Power magazine gave this name to the move in its review for Super Smash Bros., due to the coins flying out of the enemy when dealing damage.
  • The coins that appear are 2D sprites that always face the screen on the pause menu.
  • The Fire Jump Punch is often nicknamed Shoryuken, due to its resemblance to the attack of the same name from the Street Fighter games, involving a fast uppercut with good range usually to counter aerial assaults.
    • This is quite ironic in the Nintendo 3DS / Wii U version considering that Ryu from Street Fighter made a playable appearance and uses the actual Shoryuken for his Up Special.
  • In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, the Fiery Jump Punch, Explosive Punch and Ol' One Two are similar to Ken Masters's Shoryuken.

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