The Spirit Train Glitch is a glitch in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. In this glitch, characters can stand on the train tracks without taking any damage.

Characters this glitch can be performed with

Items you need to use

Stages this glitch can be performed with


  1. Choose Fox, Donkey Kong or Falco as your opponent, then choose any other character to play as.
  2. Have your opponent grab a Smash Ball and have him perform his Final Smash.
  3. Have your character jump onto the tracks.


  • Your character will still be pushed by the tracks, but he/she will not flinch or take damage.
  • Your character will still take damage if attacked by an opponent.
  • When your opponent stops using his Final Smash, your character will take damage again.
  • Have your character jump in front of the train, if you jump in the back, you will still be KO'd instantly.

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