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Special Melee is a multiplayer mode. Each mode applies a special modifier to the match, such as making the characters bigger or making everyone invisible.


Camera Mode

Main article: Camera

Camera Mode limits a match to only three players, but the fourth controller can be used to move the camera freely and take snapshots. This is the only way to take snapshots in Melee.

Stamina Mode

Main article: Stamina Mode

Stamina Mode replaces the standard percentage meters with traditional health meters. All players will have 150HP in this mode. Unlike other Melees, at the end of the match, the Victory screen never displays, instead it will cut back to the Character Select screen.

Super Sudden Death

Main article: Super Sudden Death

Super Sudden Death gives all players 300% at the start of each stock rather than 0%, resulting in a fast and volatile match. In this mode, the Mushroom Kingdom stage will play the Overworld theme sped up and the Mushroom Kingdom II stage will play the Boss theme.

Giant Melee/Tiny Melee

Giant Melee causes all characters to be as large as if they have used a Super Mushroom. This stacks with any Mushrooms acquired during the match. Tiny Melee is the same, except that all characters are as small as their Poison Mushroom selves instead.

Invisible Melee

Invisible Melee causes all characters to appear as if they have picked up a Cloaking Device, being mostly invisible based on movement. Unlike the actual Cloaking Device, damage is taken as usual, and bonuses such as Invisible KO are not awarded. Picking up a Cloaking Device during the match has no visible effect, but its damage-nullifying and bonus-awarding effects occur as usual.

Fixed-Camera Mode

Fixed-Camera Mode locks the camera in a single position for the whole match, usually showing the entire stage. The blast lines do not change. This makes it easier to see where items have appeared, but makes characters very hard to see on larger stages, such as Hyrule Temple.

Single Button Mode

Single Button Melee causes the game to ignore all input except for the Control Stick, the Start/Pause Button, and the A button, thus only allowing for standard attacks. Since you are able to use the C-Stick for smash attacks, you could throw items instead of manually dropping them. Players are required to press Up in order to jump, instead of X or Y. Since special moves cannot be used, characters such as Yoshi, Kirby, and Jigglypuff (who either don't need or don't have triple jumps) are easy to win as, while characters with essential special moves or bad double jumps (such as Bowser and Zelda) find it very hard to stay alive. Also, Zelda cannot transform into Sheik in this mode since the special moves command is disabled (unless the player holds the A Button after a stage is selected and until the screen changes). Note that if you wish to play as Sheik in this mode, you'll be unable to transform back into Zelda. Characters who need to shield or dodge frequently also have a difficult time.

Single Button mode is not in Brawl.

Lightning Melee/Slo-Mo Melee

Lightning Melee causes all facets of the game to be played at a faster speed, including the timer in timed matches. Slo-Mo Melee runs the game at a slower speed.


Special Melee is succeeded by Special Brawl, which allows several modifiers to be in effect at once.

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