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! to Battlefield (SSBM)
Battlefield (SSBWU/3DS) to Chest
Chesterr01 to Dash cancel
Dash fox to EspioChamaeleo
Eternal Sonic to Fireblaster
Firefox to Green Koopa Shell
Green Koopa Troopa to JP
J DELPHIKI to Koopa Claw
Koopa Clown Car to Luigi (SSBM)
Luigi (SSBWU/3DS) to Mini game
Minigame to Ooccoo (trophy)
Ooccoo and Son to Pokémon Firered and Leafgreen
Pokémon GS to Rock Howard
Rock Smash to Shield Breaker
Shield Jump to Spike Ball
Spike Jacket to Synikall (smasher)
Sysop to Trophy Collector
Trophy Gun to Wob-wob
Wobbles to Æther

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