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! Block to Black Hole and Mega Laser
Black Knight to Clyde
Co-Op Event: 1988 to Dino-wrangling
Dino Wrangling to Event 17: Super Waterfall Climb
Event 18: Dark Link Duel to Firespin Lunge
Fish to Green Turtle Shell Glitch (SSBM)
Green Turtle Shell Gltich (SSBM) to Jet
Jet Hammer to LinkAmiibo
Link (SSB) to Mario Bros. team
Mario Circuit to Mushroom Kingdom U
Mushrooms to Phantom hit
Phosphora to RAY
REX to Samus
Samus' Bomb to Snover (disambiguation)
Snubbull to Super Smash Bros. (universe)
Super Smash Bros. 2 to Tournament legal
Tournament mode to Wispy Woods
With Anyone to Ω stages

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