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! to Banned stages
Banzai Bill to Champ
Chandelure to DaShizWiz
DaftFlip to Eggrobo
Eggs to Fighting Polygons
Fighting Wire Frame to Giratina
Girl Power to Icingdeath
Icon to King Dedede (SSBWU/3DS)
King Dedede (trophy) to List of SSBB trophies (The Legend of Zelda series)
List of SSBB trophies (The Subspace Emissary) to Mersh
Mesprit to Ness (SSBB)
Ness (SSBM) to Piazza Delfino
Picachu to R.O.B. Side Special Move
R.O.B. Squad to STAY
Sleep Kirby to Starman (item)
Starmie to The Cake Eaters
The Canyon to Up smash
Up special move to Yomi
Yomi-no-Kuni to Æther

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