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! Block to Balloon Fighter
Balloon High Jump to Cancel
Cancel (disambiguation) to Crescent Slash
Cresselia to Douglas Jay Falcon
Down A to Event 26: Trophy Tussle 2
Event 27: Cold Armor to Fish
Fixed to Golden Sun (universe)
Golem to Ice Climber (universe)
Ice Climber universe to Kanto skies
Kar to Lickuid
Life to M2k
M3D to Miiverse (Stage)
Miiverse (stage) to OTS Falcon Punch
O D I N to Pinky
Pinsir to Race to the Finish (SSBM)
Race to the Finish (disambiguation) to SSBWU/3DS Trailers
SSBWiiU Glitch to Single Player modes
Singles to Stalfos
Stall-Then-Fall to TLOZ
TMS to Triforce Attack
Triforce Gathering to Whistle
White Pikmin to Ω stages

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