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! Block to Balloon High Jump
Balloon Trip to Cancel (disambiguation)
Canceling to Cream the Rabbit
Crescent Slash to Doubles
Douglas Jay Falcon to Event 27: Three-Beast Carnage
Event 28: Flower Blooms in the Echoes to Fixed-Camera
Fixed knockback to Golden Squeaky Hammer
Golden Sun (universe) to Ice Climber (game)
Ice Climber (trophy) to Kanto: Pokémon Stadium
Kanto Skies: Poke Floats to Li'l Sparky
Lick to Lyn
Lyndis to Mii Gunner
Mii Gunner (SSBWU/3DS) to OC2
OC2: Zero Challenge to Pine Thompson
Pineapple Kingdom to RROD
R Button to SSBB stages
SSBD to Silver The Hedgehog
Silver the Hedgehog to Stafy
Stafy (trophy) to Sylvan
Synapse to Trained Noob
Training to Weighted Header
Welvin king to Ω stages

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