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! Block to Baxon
Bayonette to Centurions
Cerebi to Custom movesets
Custom stage to Dr Mario
Dracaufeu to Event 41: En Garde!
Event 41: The FINAL, Final Battle to Floating Boomerang
Floating Missile to Great Fox
Great Fox (stage) to Ike Grab Glitch
Ike Grab glitch to King DeDeDe (SSBB)
King De De De to Lip's Stick
LipeCau to Malva
Malva-MC to Mode
Model Meshing Glitch to One hit KO
Onett to Plot summary of The Subspace Emissary
Plum (trophy) to RaynEX
RayneX to SW:USERS
SW:UTPG to Slip Counter
Slip Gyro to Starfy
Starly to Team attack
Team battle to Tutorial Stage N64
Twilight Princess to Winged Tabuu Trophy
Wings of Icarus to Ω stages

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