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! Block to Back Shield (item)
Back Slash to CPU
CPU Player Glitch to Crash Bomber
Crate to Double jump cancel
Double jump canceling to Event 34: Seven Years
Event 35: The Visitor to Flat Zone to Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device
Flat Kirby glitch to Goron (trophy)
Gosu to Iced of tundra
Iceman to Kenny Johnson
Kenny johnson to Liink
Like-Like to Mach Tornado
Machop to Mindgames
Mini to Ole Martin
Olimar to Pittoo
Pity Final Smash to Random-ness
Random (SSB) to SW:FA
SW:IMAGE to Skrach
SkullPrince to Star
StarFox's Conversations to Tang
Tank to Troopa
Trophies to Wii Fit (Final Smash)
Wii Fit (universe) to Ω stages

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