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! to Battlefield (SSBM)
Battlefield (SSBWU/3DS) to Chesterr01
Chestterr01 to Dash fox
Dashfox to Eternal Sonic
Ethanrodgers223 to Firefox
Firexemblemxpryde to Green Koopa Troopa
Green Mario to J DELPHIKI
J Flink to Koopa Clown Car
Koopa Hopping to Luigi (SSBWU/3DS)
Luigi Cyclone to Minigame
Minjo Master to Ooccoo and Son
Ooccoo and Son (trophy) to Pokémon GS
Pokémon Gold to Rock Smash
Rocket Belt to Shield Jump
Shield Piercer to Spike Jacket
Spike ball to Sysop
Sysops to Trophy Hoard
Trophy Lottery to Wobbles the Phoenix
Wobbles the pheonix to Æther

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