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! to Balloon Fight (universe)
Balloon Fighter to Captain Olimar (SSBB)
Captain Sa10 to DACUS
DA Dav3 to Dustin Hayes
Dutch Smash Awards to Falco (SSBM)
Falco (SSBWU/3DS) to Game Arts
Game Boy to Home-run Bat
Home-run Contest to Jump-Cancel
Jump-Cancelled to Lawrumi
Le to Main Page
Main character to MookieRah
Moon to Overdose
Overlord ben to Pokémon Change
Pokémon Colosseum to Reverse Aerial Rush
Reverse Rush to Sei Shin Casio
Sei Shin Casios to Snorunt
Snorunt (disambiguation) to Super Mario Sunshine
Super Mario USA to Tilt
Tilt attack to Walking Speed
Walky to Zero Fox
Zero Gravity Glitch to Æther

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