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! Block to Black Knight
Black Pit to Cloud
Cloud (SSBWU/3DS) to Demon
Dense Charge Shot to Event: New Challengers 1
Event: New Challengers 2 to Fire Arrow
Fire Attack to Gooey Bomb (trophy)
Gooey Bomb (update) to Intense Shadow Sneak
Interception Arm to Ledge-stall
Ledge Attack to Luigi Mario
Luigi Mario (SSB) to Morton Koopa Jr.
Mother to Paper Mario
Paper Mario (trophy) to Princess Peach (SSBB)
Princess Peach (SSBM) to SSB4
SSB64 to SmashBoards
SmashPedia to Strong down
Strong side to Thunder (Pokémon)
Thunder (Robin) to Wario Ware Inc.: Mega Microgame$
Wario Warp to Ω stages

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