The Smash Hall of Fame' launched on 1/26/08 with the induction of the first class. Voted on by the Smash Back Room on Smashboards, the Smash Hall of Fame honors the most influential members of the Smash Bros. community.

Voting Process

During the nomination period, members of the Smash Back Room name influential Smashers that deserve consideration. These nominations are tallied, and the top twelve most-nominated move on to the voting period. Out of the twelve nominated, six are chosen to represent that year's class. Nominations and voting for the second class begin in December 2008.

Depending on the year and the size of the community, the Smash Back Room may decide to induct fewer or more members into future classes.


All Smashers are eligible. Though the Smash Back Room originally considered separate Hall of Fames for tournament hosts, competitive players and general influential members, it was eventually decided to remain with one consolidated program.

One unresolved issue is how to treat non-U.S. Smashers. In the future, if the importance of the international Smash communities and their contributing members continue to get overlooked in the nominations, the community as a whole may decide to open international Hall of Fames.

First Class: Inducted 1/26/08

Christopher "Azen" McMullen

Tournament player and host

  • Declared "World Champion" after defeating Captain Jack in Tournament Go 6
  • One of the first players to champion multiple characters

Ken "Sephiroth Ken" Hoang

Tournament player and host

  • Winningest Smash Bros. player in history
  • Two time champion of Major League Gaming

Ricky "Gideon" Tilden

Founder of Smash World and Smashboards

  • Owner of the largest Smash Brothers site network in the world
  • Interviewed with Nintendo Power, which brought mainstream exposure to the Smash grassroots community

Joel "Isai" Alvarado

Tournament player

  • Along with Ken and Azen, represented a new wave of Melee talent that energized the competitive community
  • Ranked as one of the best Smash Bros. 64 player in the world

Jason "M3D" Rice

Tournament Host

  • Founded the Melee division of Major League Gaming
  • As of 2007, had hosted more major tournaments (64+ participants) than any other Smash tournament host

Matt "Mattdeezie" Dahlgren

Tournament Host

  • Founded the Smash Bros. tournament scene
  • Created the first national Smash ruleset tailored for competitive play

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