Characters caught in Shadow's Chaos Control.

Slow motion is a special condition that decreases the movement of the characters and gameplay. The most notable cause of slow movement is the Timer. When a character is in a state of slow movement, their speed, attacks, and falling speed will be reduced drastically. When the slow movement condition is finished, their speed will return back to normal. There is also an option in Training Mode that allows the player to reduce the speed of the gameplay. Likewise, there is an option in Versus Mode that allows for slow gameplay.

Causes of Slow motion

  • Dialga's Roar of Time - When Dialga uses its Roar of Time attack on the Spear Pillar stage, the speed of gameplay will be reduced. In Wi-fi matches, this can actually help lag. Since Dialga affects gameplay speed instead of individual characters, this effect can stack with other slow motion effects.
  • Swirlix's Cotton Spore - Swirlix creates a small pink area around it, slowing down characters (excluding the summoner and team members) that pass through it.
  • Ashley's damaging zone of darkness - When Ashley is summoned via Assist Trophy, she will create a large, dark zone that slows down characters and various other negative side affects.
  • Luigi's Negative Zone - Luigi's Final Smash, Negative Zone, has a small chance of slowing down the speed of the characters.
  • Shadow's Chaos Control - Shadow will cast a dark vortex that slows down the movement of any character (excluding the summoner).
  • Timer - An item introduced in Brawl, when a character picks up a Timer, the movement of the opposing characters will decrease. However, the Timer has a small chance of backfiring and causing the character who picked it up to be subjected to its effect, whether having him or her slow down along with their opponents, or just the user themself.
  • Dying in Stamina Mode - When a character dies in Stamina Mode, slow motion is activated for about a second as the character dramatically falls down before lying on the ground for the rest of the match.
  • Little Mac's KO Uppercut - When successfully hit, the camera zooms in on Little Mac in slow motion.
  • Shulk's Vision - A counter that slows down enemies who activate the move, making them inescapable to the attack.
  • Ryu's Focus Attack - Similar to dying in Stamina Mode, characters will slowly fall to the floor, vulnerable to follow up attacks.
  • Bayonetta's Witch Time - This move is a counter that, when activated, causes the opponent inflicted with it to move in slow motion for a varying period of time.
  • Match's over - In SSBB and SSB4, slow motion is activated when a match ends. In the first two games the screen freezes.

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