Simon Belmont
Kojima concept simon

Official artwork of Simon Belmont from Castlevania Chronicles.

Universe Castlevania
Debut Castlevania (1986)
Appears in SSBU Icon
Console of origin NES
Species Human
Gender Male
Created by Koji Igarashi
Simon Belmont is the main protagonist of the Castlevania series, and a newcomer in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Character Description

A member of the Belmont clan of vampire hunters and wielder of the family's "Vampire Killer" whip, Simon Belmont began his battle against Count Dracula in the year 1691 AD, following in the footsteps of his distant ancestors, Trevor and Christopher Belmont. Simon was successful in defeating Dracula, but in his death throes, the vampire dealt Simon a blow that left the hunter cursed with an affliction that made his body steadily rot, with the curse also threatening to blanket Transylvania.

The game Castlevania Judgment is an interquel where Simon is brought into the Time Rift by the time-traveler Aeon, as part of a plot to stop a demon called the Time Reaper from destroying reality. Simon's personal story in this game has him seeking a battle with his ancestor Trevor to gauge his own worth with the Vampire Killer. Simon eventually defeats Trevor and accepts that he is much more than the weapon itself. His arcade mode ending leads directly into the events of Simon's Quest.

Seven years later as the curse comes close to taking Simon's life, a mysterious woman tells Simon of a possible way to rid himself of the curse: by gathering Dracula's remains (his eyeball, ribcage, nail, heart and ring,) and burning them to ashes to finish the job he started seven years prior. The people of Transylvania, nervous that Simon's quest could lead to Dracula's early return, gave him extremely vague hints to him or even lied to him out of fear, but Simon was ultimately successful in his endeavor and cured himself of the curse whilst also saving the world from Dracula's menace once more.

Many years later, Simon's descendants followed his example. One hunter in particular, Juste Belmont, the protagonist of Harmony of Dissonance, would undergo a similar quest to gather Dracula's remains in order to save his friends.

In the alternate Lords of Shadow universe, Simon is the direct son of Trevor Belmont, who supposedly died while fighting Dracula (who in this continuity was in fact their distant ancestor and Trevor's father, Gabriel Belmont,) with Simon journeying to the vampire's castle to seek revenge for the deaths of his parents. As he fights his way to the castle, Simon is assisted by the mysterious Alucard, who is revealed to be Trevor, having been killed by Dracula/Gabriel, who upon learning of their relation, then tried to revive Trevor out of regret and desperation.

Simon's visual design in earlier installments paid homage to 80s "barbarian"-style heroes such as Conan the Barbarian. His most famous visual design stemming from Castlevania Chronicles as drawn by Ayami Kojima, combines the general appearance with a "bishounen"-style character design seen in various other Kojima works. While his Judgment design reflects the Kojima ddesign fairly loyally, it was somewhat mocked by fans for Simon's facial resemblance to manga character Light Yagami of Death Note fame, though as the game's cast all received heavy redesigns by Death Note artist Takeshi Obata, it was difficult to avoid. His alternate Lords of Shadow design pays homage to both designs in terms of outfit and color scheme while giving him a much larger, rougher build. His appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate uses his classic late 80s design.

Simon has made appearances in crossover games including the Wii fighting game Castlevania Judgment and as a DLC character for the HD team-based multiplayer game Harmony of Despair in his original 8-bit form. Simon's first appearance in a multi-universe crossover game was the GameCube fighting game Dream Mix TV World Fighters alongside fellow Konami guest Solid Snake. In other media, Simon's most infamous appearance was in the cartoon Captain N: The Game Master, portrayed as a dimwitted and haughty braggart frequently at odds with protagonist Keven Keene.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

As a playable character

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Simon Belmont SSBU

Simon in SSBU.

Simon appears as a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Simon was announced in mid August 2018, alongside Richter Belmont who served as an Echo Fighter to Simon, meaning that they share the same moveset, although some of their moves originated from Richter. Simon's visual design is of his classic 80s Conan-inspired look.


  • Along with Mario, Mega Man, and its fast paced military action themed sibling Contra, Castlevania has long been considered a Nintendo classic for filling in the niche of a horror themed and fantasyesque platforming game. Classic Castlevania games are also considered to have helped represent the difficulty testament of Nintendo Hard, being games that are challenging, tricky, yet sense tempering and extremely rewarding with the effort.
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Simon's second appearance in a multi-franchise crossover fighting game, with his first appearance being the Japan-exclusive GameCube game Dream Mix TV World Fighters which also starred Solid Snake as a playable fighter.