The Shrink Glitch is a glitch available in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

How to Perform

Select Kirby and Yoshi on either Training Mode or Special Melee in VS. Mode, under the slow setting.

After the above conditions are met; have Kirby use Inhale, copying Yoshi's Egg ability, then swallow Yoshi using the copied ability, and spin the control stick in a decently fast circular motion, stopping when Yoshi breaks from the egg. Keep performing this, after awhile, Yoshi will start to shrink, if performed correctly.

Despite common belief, this glitch cannot be done with two Yoshis. It can only be done with a Kirby and a Yoshi.

Important Note: Players should spin the control stick gently to prevent hand fatigue or injury. Another tactic is to place a small cushion from "earbud" headphones onto the tip of the control stick.

External Links

Glitch Video

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