Shinku Hadoken
Shinku Hadoken
User Ryu

Type Directional
Effect Fires a huge, multi-hitting fireball

Shinku Hadoken (真空波動拳, lit. "Vacuum Wave Motion Fist") is one of Ryu's Final Smashes. When Ryu is away from the enemy, he uses the Shinku Hadoken, launching a huge fireball that pulls in opponents and give multiple hits. When he is close to the opponent, he instead uses Shin Shoryuken.


Shinku Hadoken was Ryu's original Super Move when the Super Move system was first introduced in Super Street Fighter II Turbo, though it wasn't given its name onscreen until the later release of Street Fighter Alpha: Warrior's Dreams. Its appearance varies depending on crossovers as well. In the Marvel vs. Capcom series and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, this move is instead a giant beam of energy, to fit in with the comic book atmosphere of the former and the over-the-top anime atmosphere of the latter.

Sakura Kasugano can also perform this move as a Super in the Alpha series and as her second Ultra in Super Street Fighter IV onward.

Ryu's Special Moves
Standard Special Hadoken
Side Special Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
Up Special Shoryuken
Down Special Focus Attack
Final Smash Shin Shoryuken / Shinku Hadoken

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