Shadow Mario Paint
Shadow Mario
User Bowser Jr.

Type Stage-Wide
Effect Paints an "X" in the screen.

Shadow Mario Paint is Bowser Jr.'s Final Smash. Bowser Jr. transforms into Shadow Mario and uses the Magic Paintbrush to paint an "X" on the whole screen, damaging every character who is in it. The X will remain on the screen for a few seconds, repeatedly doing damage until it gives the final blow, after which it disappears.


In Super Mario Sunshine, Bowser Jr. was able to transform into Shadow Mario by wearing a blue scarf with a drawing of Mario's nose and moustache. He was also able to use the Magic Paintbrush to create goops, a strange substance that is similar to paint that can transform into monsters.


  • This Final Smash has similar propeties to the X Bomb.
  • The other Koopalings transforming into Shadow Mario is non-canon.

Bowser Jr.'s Special Moves
Standard Special Clown Cannon
Side Special Clown Kart Dash
Up Special Abandon Ship
Down Special Mechakoopa
Final Smash Shadow Mario Paint


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