Mario Sex Kick

Mario's sex kick in Brawl.

The "Sex Kick" is a term that refers to an aerial attack where the legs or other damaging hitboxes remains extended for a few moments after the initial "thrust". The signature aspect of a sex kick is that they are stronger during the initial frames, and weaker afterwards; they are also known for having high number of active frames, meaning the attack has hitboxes that often lasts longer than other attacks.


Knee Smash SSBWU

Captain Falcon's "Knee Smash", a Sex Kick.

Sex Kicks are almost always a neutral aerial, though sometimes can be other aerials as well. In Brawl, the initial hit can connect for only the first frame of the attack. While some sex kicks only have one hitbox for the thrust, others have a series which grow progressively weaker. Captain Falcon's Knee Smash is an extreme example of a sex kick, with enormous power when it first comes out and minimal knockback after the strong hitbox (also known as sweetspot) has faded.

Properties that define a sex kick include:

  • Being a single hit attack, as multi-hit attacks always deal the strongest damage and knockback in the last hit.
  • Stronger during first few frames, but weaker during later frames.
  • Very low startup and little landing lag.
  • Long hitbox duration, with a high number of active frames.
  • Similar animation and hitbox placement throughout entire attack.

Term Origin

The term "Sex Kick" was created by the smasher and ex-tournament director Matt Deezie, as a sexual innuendo referring to the properties of some attacks in the original Super Smash Bros. (initial thrust and extension of the legs). Despite being offensive to many players, the term is widely accepted by the competitive smash community.

List of Sex Kicks

Super Smash Bros.

Almost every character has one sex kick: their neutral aerial. The three exceptions are Donkey Kong, whose sex kick is his Back Aerial, Kirby and Fox, whose Neutral and Back Aerials are both sex kicks, making Fox and Kirby the only characters with two.

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Super Smash Bros Brawl

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U

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