Greninja using Mat Block before his Final Smash

Secret Ninja Attack (しのびのひおうぎ Shinobi no Hi Ougi?, lit. "Shinobi's Secret Finishing Technique) is Greninja's Final Smash.

Greninja will put a mat underneath the opponents in front of it and smack it like a lever, sending the opponents into the air as the screen darkens and a moon appears. There, a silhouette of Greninja will fly around rapidly dealing quick strikes before dealing a final blow. The screen will focus on Greninja floating in the air for the next few seconds, leaving the target to be KO'd offscreen.


  • This Final Smash was initially erroneously referred to as "Night Slash". However, Greninja's Final Smash appears to have elements of both Night Slash and Mat Block in it.
  • Greninja's trapping mat that the Pokemon uses to trap his opponents is actually one of his signature moves; called Mat Block from Pokemon X and Y.
  • The Final Smash is similar to Spider-Man's Hyper Combo in Marvel vs Capcom 3 called Maximum Spider, D1 also said the name when a Greninja player used the Final Smash against two players in the Super Smash Bros. Invitational tournament.

Greninja's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Water Shuriken
Side Special Shadow Sneak
Up Special Hydro Pump
Down Special Substitute
Final Smash Secret Ninja Attack