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Robin SSB4
Universe Fire Emblem
Availability Starter
Final Smash Pair Up
Tier C (34)
Character Statistics
Number of Jumps 2
Can Wall Jump No
Can Wall Cling No
Can Crawl No
Has a Tether No
Voice Actors
Voiced by (English) ♂: David Vincent
♀: Lauren Landa
Voiced by (Japanese) ♂: Yoshimasa Hosoya
♀: Miyuki Sawashiro

Robin (ルフレ, RufureReflet in Japan) is a newcomer to Super Smash Bros. 3DS/WiiU directly from the Fire Emblem series, specifically Fire Emblem: Awakening. He/She was announced alongside Lucina in the same game trailer.

Robin is one of the six characters that have an alternate costume which changes his gender.

Robin currently ranks 34th on the tier list, which is mostly due to him having a wide range of powerful magical attacks, including one that heals him, powerful smash attacks and aerials with the Levin Sword, and a variety of unusual projectiles. However, he can only use these attacks a certain number of times before losing them temporarily, including his recovery, and his smash attacks will be considerably weaker and difficult to transition to once he loses the Levin Sword. He also possesses one of the slowest walking and the slowest running speed in the game, hurting his approach, and has a very short grab range despite having a good grab game.



  • Levin Sword causes good amount of hitstun, allowing Robin to pull a nice variety of combos. It also has lightning property.
  • Can use long range magic attacks with various elements. Some of these attacks can be charged for increased effect.
  • Levin Sword and Tomes become throwable items after breaking, allowing the player to dish out extra damage to compensate.
  • The pillar of flames from Arcfire, if cast at ground level, will emerge regardless of connecting with the opponent, unlike Ness' PK Fire.
  • Can self heal and deal damage at the same time using Nosferatu.
  • Has one of the best zoning tactics in the game, with powerful edge guarding.
  • Two useful Meteor Smashes: Down Aerial with Levin Sword and the first wind blade from Elwind.
  • Excellent recovery, with a high midair jump and a far-reaching Up Special Attack.
  • Not too light nor heavy, with a comfortable falling speed and aerial acceleration that makes it easier to fake a landing (trick the opponent into thinking you are going to land somewhere, then change the direction).
  • Discarding of tomes and the Levin Sword provide a temporary defence to his/her back.
  • Discarded Tomes and Levin Sword can be grabbed again and thrown at opponents for extra damage and great kill moves.


  • Slowest walking and running speed in the game.
  • Lowest standard Grab range in the game.
  • Slowest pummel in the game.
  • Neutral Combo's third hit consumes durability of Arcfire. Rapid Jab consume's durability of Elwind.
  • Levin Sword and his Tomes break after a certain amount of uses.
  • Cannot use magic for some seconds after his tome breaks, having to wait until the Tome regenerates.
  • Inconsistent range, damage and knockback due to transitions between the Levin Sword and Bronze Sword.
  • Slow and predictable recovery.


Robin is midweight character with the worst walking/running speed, but with good power overall, especially if Levin sword is available. His gameplay consists of using projectiles to pressure the opponent and punishing mistakes with the Levin sword. He has a variety of true combos which involve the combined use of his tomes and swords. The Levin Sword does have a limited number of uses, but reappears in Robin's arsenal faster than the Tomes, so it is fine to use this more; though a player should remember to try and save it for some kill moves.

On the ground Robin is quite decent; fast jabs with high launch power make for great combo finishers and his tilts are good spacing tools though having some starting and ending lag. Robin's regular jab is a good combo finisher and her rapid jab is excellent for racking up damage; the finisher on the rapid jab is a kill move, so keep that in mind as well. The first two hits of Robin's jab, combined with an air-dodging opponent, can lead to all kinds of combo opportunities; if the opponent air-dodges after the first two hits of jab, it can be punished with a grab, any smash attack, forward tilt, down tilt, Thunder Magic, Arcfire, short-hopped aerials, and Nosferatu.Robin's forward tilt is a good spacing tool but has an awkward launch to it that makes it poor for most combos. Her up tilt is good for deterring aerial advances and her down tilt is fast and great for continuing combos. Robin's smash attacks are very powerful when they use the Levin Sword. Robin's forward smash is a great combo finisher and kill move. Her up smash is good for continuing combos by launching opponents into the air as well as killing at higher percentages. Robin's down smash is a very powerful move that has great kill power and despite its appearance, actually will hit on both sides of Robin when the Levin Sword is used because the electric sparks from the sword hit behind her, albeit at a close range. When the Levin Sword is discarded, definitely try and grab it, because like the discarded Tomes, it can be thrown to put some damage on opponents and is a kill move.

Robin has good aerial mobility and a good midair jump that makes him a force to be reckoned with in the air. All of Robin's aerials except for neutral air can make use of the Levin Sword when a smash attack input is used. These aerial smash attacks are powerful edge-guarding and killing attacks because of their high launch. The Bronze sword versions of these lack in knockback, damage, and range, but are able to combo opponents more reliably for these reasons. The neutral air is good for continuing combos and when fast-falled can combo into jab. The forward air is an excellent combo finisher and kill move. The back air is a great kill move when the Levin Sword is used; the Bronze Sword version of it can be used for combos. Robin's down air has lots of meteor power when the Levin Sword is active but the Bronze Sword version is much weaker, so it is advised to use the Levin version of the move; the move is also a good approach option from above. Robin's up aerial varies in use between the swords; Bronze Sword makes the move great for juggling opponents, and the Levin Sword makes it a powerful killing move, especially off of a down throw 50/50 known among Robin players as the Checkmate.

Some of Robin's throws are rather lackluster and are hard to pull off anyway because of his terribly short grab range. For this reason, Robin should down throw 95% of the time because of the down throw's great combo starter ability, comboing into tilts, smashes, Arcfire, Thunder Magic, and Nosferatu at low-mid percentages and aerial attacks at mid-high percentages. The up throw can combo into Levin up air at higher percentages for a kill. Forward throw is virtually useless; back throw has some launch behind it, so it can be good for getting opponents off-stage.

For his special attacks he uses three Anima affinity tomes (Thunder, Fire and Wind) and one Dark affinity tome (Nosferatu).

Thunder Magic is a move that can have a number of uses depending on what Tome Robin charges the move up to. Plain old Thunder won't do much damage or knockback; it's really just there to harass opponents that occasionally get too close. Elthunder is good for packing damage onto opponents and has good launch that can help Robin with spacing and zoning, as well as punishing some tech rolls. However, if a player really wants to get a combo going, Arcthunder is the Tome to use. It is perhaps one of the most useful of Robin's Tomes; because it hits multiple times, it can keep opponents in place so that Robin can dash in and grab them; even if they shield the Arcthunder, they'll be open for a grab; Robin is pretty slow, so a player wants to make sure they use it at a generous range that works for Robin. Once Robin has grabbed the opponent, a number of combos could occur; down throw to down smash, down throw to forward smash, down throw to forward tilt, down throw to rapid jab or normal jab, the list goes on. Other attacks work as a follow-up to Arcthunder as well, with smash attacks making for a deadly finisher. Then there is Thoron, which deals the most damage and launches opponents the farthest; it can be really useful if the opponent is ahead in terms of damage and Robin needs to rack up damage on them to catch up; the move also possesses some kill power, killing most characters at around 125%. It is important not to use the Tome instantly after charging up to the desired one, because this will make it predictable for the opponent, and an enemy that has figured out a tactician's plans can spell trouble for Robin.

Robin's side special Arcfire is an excellent edge-guarding tool; proper spacing will ensure the fireball lands right on the edge, forcing most opponents to roll onto the edge where you can punish with a smash attack. The move can be great for putting on damage or blocking enemy projectiles or advances as well, but once again it shouldn't be overused or the number of uses will expire. Finally, Arcfire has some combo utility as well, comboing out of down throw and comboing into forward air, up smash, up air, down smash, and down air.

Elwind should only be used for recovery, never for attack. If it is used to attack opponents, Robin will be left helpless and can be easily punished, and on top of that Robin will find themselves without a recovery from having used it too much as an attack.

Nosferatu is a great move if Robin is at a higher percentage and needs to close the gap between himself and an opponent. It can surprise opponents that are making fast frontal approaches, it can combo out of Arcthunder, jab, and down throw, and it can be a good way to rack some damage on an opponent near the edge (this shouldn't be done if Robin is the one recovering, or he'll be left helpless and die). If Robin is in need of a Nosferatu, he should not only go for Nosferatu or he'll exhaust his supply as well as leave himself open; wait until the opponent is open and then hit them with it. Since Nosferatu launches opponents upwards and away from Robin, it could feasibly combo into forward aerial, Arcthunder, or Thoron.

For his physical attacks, he uses the Bronze sword and the Levin sword. Just like in the Fire Emblem series, the tomes and the Levin sword have limited durability and can be depleted after a certain amount of uses. When his equipment runs out, they become throwable items which put a fair amount of damage plus great knockback.

Robin has decent edgeguarding abilities by casting spells at the correct time to zone the enemy out of the edge, most notably Arcfire and Elthunder. He can even engage directly and make use of the knockback provided by the Levin sword. However, Robin users must be aware that his recovery, Elwind, is really predictable and, when facing away from the platform, it won't sweetspot the ledge until the second Elwind throwing animation ends. Also, it has limited uses, so it can be a problem against marvelous edgeguarders such as Zero Suit Samus.

The key to excel at Robin is learning to be precise with each attack, as the durability of the Levin Sword and Tomes will decrease regardless of the attack hitting or not. Players must also be vaguely aware of the durability for each spell, meaning a good memory is required in order to pay attention to this constant maintenance. In Awakening, Robin is a tactician, and an extremely genius one at that. His play-style in Smash Bros. is quite similar to his background of tactics and strategies, because he has a limited number of resources and must only use them at the most opportune moments. Robin is about patience, keeping opponents at bay with standard attacks and then hitting them when they're vulnerable with a special attack or smash attack.

About the Levin Sword and Tomes

  • The Levin Sword can only be used 8 times before Robin discards it, tossing it backwards. It will then bounce on the ground once and disappear. While bouncing, it can hit and damage foes for 7% damage. The player can also pick up the Levin Sword before it disappears, and then use it as a throwing projectile. It deals 11% damage if normal thrown, or 15% if smash-thrown.
  • The player can "put away" the Levin Sword and use the Bronze Sword in order to conserve it for later use, by using Tilt Attacks, Standard Jab or Neutral Aerial. If the player does a Smash Attack or "smash" in the air, the Levin Sword will reappear for the attack.
  • The Levin Sword will start blinking in when it has only 2 uses left. After it's gone, he will be able to use it again after 9 seconds.
  • The same thing happens with his/her tomes: Robin tosses it at their back, it bounces once and then disappears. They can also pick the tomes up. The tomes deal 9% when discarded, 14% when normal-thrown, and 18% when smash-thrown.
  • Tome Durability: Arcfire - 6 / Thunder - 20 (Can be surpassed) / Elwind - 18 / Nosferatu - 4.
  • Both Levin Sword and Tomes will emit a golden glow/shine when they respawn, as a visual indicator for the player.

Tips for Robin Players

  • It's a good idea to stick with Tilt Attacks when opponents are at low percentage. Using Tilt Attacks or Neutral Aerial will make Robin put away the Levin Sword, and doing so is useful to conserve the durability.
  • Down Throw is his most versatile throw for combos since it has very low base knockback and knockback scaling, meaning opponents won't bounce high even if their percentages are high. This allows for many follow-ups and even KOs.
  • Pay attention to tomes: when they start blinking it's sign that they are almost expired. Prepare to grab them and throw at your opponent. They do 18% when smash-thrown, which is almost as much as an extended Thoron. They also inflict high knockback, similar to pieces of Samus' armor when transforming into Zero Suit Samus in Brawl.
  • Try not to run out of Thunder and Arcfire at the same time. Use the tomes' blinking mechanic to be aware if one is almost expired.
  • Keep in mind that using the fire blast in his standard combo will cost an Arcfire. In lower damages, use aways the wind option (in higher damages, the knockback from the wind may push the opponent too far, before you can land the last hit). However, bear in mind that the use of rapid jabs and finisher will cost a charge of Elwind as well.
  • Arcfire is the bread and butter of any Robin player:
    • The last hit from Arcfire can KO at Sudden Deaths.
    • A relatively easy to do combo is landing Arcfire, then using a Forward Aerial Attack, and finally a short hop using his Up Aerial Attack. Works well against heavy characters. For an easier combo that is harder to escape, land Arcfire then jump quickly and use the Up Aerial directly. This last combo can guarantee many KOs.
    • If an opponent is defending him/herself from your Arcfire/Arcthunder using their shield, you can grab them while they are still defending. If perfectly done, it can even leave opponents vulnerable to Arcfire's last hit.
    • An easy way to land Arcfire is running away from the opponent, then casting it at them when they chase.
    • If the opponent jumps above your Arcfire, do a short hop and hit them with the Up Aerial.
    • Beware of fighters with moving reflecting abilities: they can reflect Arcfire after it's already on the ground, making the pillar of fire a defense against you.
  • About Thunder and its variations:
    • The hitstun from Arcthunder doesn't last long (considered the ending lag for Robin). If you're going to follow it up, make it a quick attack (such as a dash. Smashes will rarely work.)
    • Use Arcthunder only in close range. It's not worth spending extra tome usage for just 1% more damage (than Elthunder). Use it in close range to benefit from the hitstun. Plus, Arcthunder is not good for edgeguarding, since it takes more time to achieve its top speed than Elthunder, making it an easy dodge.
    • You can extend Thoron's length (and damage) by holding down the special button when releasing it.
    • Don't use Thoron to protect yourself from edgeguarders. The ending lag is enormous and will make a recovery impossible.
    • A good way to land Thoron is doing a little hop backwards and firing it from the air. Opponents usually don't expect it.
    • Thunder charges in levels, differently from Samus' charged shot and Mario's F.L.U.D.D.. That means, for example, that if you cancel the charging between Elthunder and Arcthunder, the time that the charge takes for it to become Arcthunder (from Elthunder to Arcthunder) will be reset. In other words, if you keep charging just a little bit and cancelling the charge too quickly, it will never actually charge. That's why when playing Robin, it's important to gain distance to your opponent (so you can take your time to charge at least 1 Thunder level). Here are some tips to that end:
      • If you find yourself knocked upwards and are not planning on retaliating with an aerial attack, use the falling time to charge Thunder.
      • Using Elwind cleverly can knock edgeguarders away from Robin, buying you time to charge Thunder. Also, can be used right after climbing the edge.
      • At higher percentages, you can ready another Thoron right after landing one. It's a safer strategy than going for an aerial follow.
      • If the opponent isn't too clingy, you can double-jump, charge 1 level of Thunder, then grab the edge for a safe comeback.
  • Another way to land Robin's Up Aerial: Grab them near the edge and throw them forward. There is a chance the opponent will do a midair jump right away, in a perfect position for a quick jump and the Up Aerial.


Ground Attacks


  • Standard Combo: Slashes twice, then hits opponent with a fire spell or a wind spell, depending on how fast the button is pressed, just like Pit's combo. The fire spell will be a brief but powerful explosion (which will also consume a point of durability from Arcfire), and the wind spell will hit many times before Robin finishes it with a final wind cut (which will consume a point of durability from Elwind after the move is over). The last wind cut has remarkably powerful launch power and can even KO an enemy with 130% by itself. Whether Robin does the fire or wind spell also depends on if they have Elwind or Arcfire tomes leftover.. 3%, 3%, then 5% (fire spell) or 1% multiple times and then a 3% (wind spell).
  • Dash Attack: Jabs with their sword. Has very little start-up. 10% if sweet spotted, 6% if not.
  • Side Tilt: Gives a stronger sword slash. 7%.
  • Up Tilt: Swings their sword upward as they do a little hop. Hardly hits opponents that aren't airbone. 6%.
  • Down Tilt: Holds their sword to the ground and swings it. One of Robin's fastest attacks. 6%.

Smash Attacks

All of Robin's Smash attacks activate the Levin Sword. If it is gone, they will use the bronze sword in its place. The damage variations (X% ~ Y%) refer to the difference between these swords, X being bronze, and Y, Levin.

  • Side Smash: Slashes horizontally.

Uncharged: 9% ~ 16%. Fully Charged: 13% ~ 22%.

  • Up Smash: Stabs upwards. When using Levin Sword, the attack deals more damage if it hits opponents right above Robin.

Damage to ground opponents near Robin: Uncharged: 9% ~ 10% Fully Charged: 12% ~ 14%

Damage to opponents right above Robin: Uncharged: 9% ~ 15% Fully Charged: 12% ~ 21%

  • Down Smash: Smashes their sword against the ground. Only attacks forward, however, electrical sparks fly out on both sides when using the Levin Sword. The back spark deals extra damage if the opponent is right next to Robin. This attack has horrible range with the bronze sword.

Damage from direct hit: Uncharged: 8% ~ 15%. Fully Charged: 11% ~ 21%.

Spark damage: Uncharged: 8%, or 12% with back bonus. Fully Charged: 11%, or 16% with back bonus.

Other attacks

  • Ledge Attack: After climbing the edge, Robin lies to the ground and stabs forward. Will leave him vulnerable for more time than the average ledge attack. 7%.
  • Rise Attack: As he gets up, slashes at both sides. 7%.

Aerial Attacks

Robin can perform versions of their Smash attacks midair by tapping the control pad / stick and hitting the attack button simultaneously, or if the last basic attack prior to the aerial was a Smash or an Aerial Smash. Levin Sword attacks while airborne let out sparks which somewhat extend the duration of each attack. That means airborne attacks that missed their sweet spot can still have a chance of hitting, but for only 5% damage.

  • Neutral Aerial: Slashes forward then backward with the bronze sword. This is the only aerial attack where the Levin sword cannot be used.. 7%.
  • Forward Aerial: A broad slash forward that will also hit opponents below Robin. 6% ~ 11%.
  • Back Aerial: Stabs the Bronze/Levin sword behind them. Good launch power. 9% ~ 15%.
  • Up Aerial: Swings the Bronze/Levin sword above him in an arc. Broad, speedy, and with immense launch power, it is Robin's best mean of KO (with the Levin Sword, of course). 7% ~ 13% sweet spotted.
  • Down Aerial: Slashes the Bronze/Levin sword downwards. Is a meteor smash, but only with the Levin Sword. 7% ~ 10%.

Grabs and Throws

  • Pummel: Attacks with magic. A very slow pummel. 3%.
  • Forward Throw: Smacks opponents forward with a small magic blast. 8%.
  • Back Throw: Spins sword around and psychically hurls the opponent backwards. If grabbed at the tip of the stage, can KO an opponent at 140%. 11%.
  • Up Throw: Smacks opponents upward with a small magic blast. 8%.
  • Down Throw: Slams opponent on the ground. 6%.

Special Moves

Robin's special moves involve using spells from his/her tomes. However, the tomes can only be used a certain number of times.

Robin's Special Moves
Standard Special Thunder Magic
Side Special Arcfire
Up Special Elwind
Down Special Nosferatu
Final Smash Pair Up

Robin's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Thunder Magic+ Speed Thunder
Side Special Arcfire+ Fire Wall
Up Special Soaring Elwind Gliding Elwind
Down Special Distant Nosferatu Goetia


  • Up Taunt: Waves their sword around and then points it diagonally upwards. Male Robin says "Let's tip the scales!". Female Robin says "Time to tip the scales!".
  • Side Taunt: Levitates tome and sword, rotates sword. They both say "Prepare yourself.".
  • Down Taunt: Circle sword and tome around themselves. Male Robin says "You're not ready.". Female Robin says "Here I go!".

Other features

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In competitive play

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This is the male Robin, an avatar in Fire Emblem Awakening. The goal of that game doesn't change much because of your gender choice, but Robin's hairstyle options do. In Smash Bros., Robin brings powerful magic and swordplay to bear. He can exhaust his moves, but they'll be restored over time.
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening (02/2013)
Robin (Alt.)
Robin's magic is powerful, but it has limited uses before needing to recharge. Thunder can be charged in stages, will become Thoron at max charge, and gains damage and speed with its charge. Arcfire creates a flame pillar, perfect for dealing with an edge-clinging foe.
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening (02/2013)
Pair Up
Like the Pair Up feature in Fire Emblem: Awakening that lets two characters attack a foe at once, Robin's Final Smash calls Chrom, the Prince of Ylisse, to the battlefield. First, Chrom dashes forward and if he lands a hit, Robin joins him for a flawless combination of attacks. It can even catch multiple opponents at once!

Alternate costumes

Robin Palette (SSB4)


Reveal trailer

Super Smash Bros02:53

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS Wii U By Book, Blade, and Crest of Flame



  • Robin is one of six characters with alternate playable genders, alongside Villager, Wii Fit Trainer, Mii Fighters, Corrin, and Bowser Jr.
    • Robin is also one of the four character to have different voice actors, the other three being Wii Fit Trainer, Bowser Jr. and Corrin.
  • Robin is the first Fire Emblem character in the Super Smash Bros. series to have a projectile. Corrin is the other.
    • However, Robin is the only Fire Emblem character who doesn't have any form of a counter.
    • Robin is also the only Fire Emblem character who uses magic, as opposed to all other Fire Emblem characters, who only use swords.
  • Robin's "Time to tip the scales!" taunt (although the clip is audibly shortened with, "Let's tip the scales!") is also used in their debut trailer, and originates as a possible response to when they strike a critical hit or activate a skill in Fire Emblem: Awakening.
  • Before patch 1.0.4 was released, Robin had a game-breaking bug against Zero Suit Samus, which allowed the latter to perform a zero-to-death infinite combo using the former's delayed animation after being targeted by a footstool jump.

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