The video game website formerly known as Play 2 Win (p2w for short) was first conceived on August 2007, after a select group of Smash World Forums members got fed up with the amount of n00bs, scrubs, and unfair modding going on at SWF. They collectively decided to create an uber website where fair modding prevailed, and an invitation-only system got rid of precocious scrubs and clueless n00bs forever. The Play 2 Win forums is one of the few survivors of the post-SWF faction/splinter groups, some of which are Gamersvalue, New Melee Generation, and Omneox of Smash. Currently run by secretcode, the site is much smaller than it used to be, but expanded as gaming as a whole.


Formerly led by RDK, Del Money, and Smooth Criminal, P2W flourished, and now sports over 100 members, most of whom are active. A small group of elite P2W members have begun an online crew (that goes by the same name) that will do battle with other crews and online-goers, such as Omneox (P2W's rival) and Shadenexus's Clan. The tournaments for dominance will begin the day Brawl comes out—February 10. These events are commonly referred to as the Battle of Destiny.

Because of recent 4chan raid scares, Play 2 Win's website/forum's security has been notched up, only allowing members to log in and access the board. An article about the clan and site was made on Encyclopedia Dramatica shortly after the 2007 Smashboards article was created.

After a sudden breakaway from a merger with SmashNexus, newcomer secretcode took over, and the site has decreased in size, but increased in diversity.

The Cbox

p2w is famous among its members for its use of a cbox that remains on every page. It is used for general chat among its members so they can become better acquainted with each other.

Merger with Smash Nexus

In early January 2008, p2w merged their site completely with Smash Nexus. After an unknown reason, the site resplit in August 2008 into its own individual site.

Current members

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