Piston Punch (突き上げピストンパンチ) is one of the Mii Brawler's Up Special Moves. The Mii Brawler is shown going upwards, throwing a punch in the process. This attack has good vertical recovery as well as being a great combo finisher and a great KO move.

The initial hit has set knockback and is very strong. However, if the player misses the second hit, the opponent will be K.O'd instantly at 0%, and this was called the One-Inch Punch. However, this was removed in the 1.0.6 patch, and the move not only links more consistently, but the knockback was toned down.



  • Good KO move when all hits connect
  • Great for damage
  • Combo finisher
  • Decent vertical height


  • Little to no horizontal influence in the move
  • Hard to hit opponents with it in the air

The Piston Punch is a move for players that like a recovery move that is reliable in vertical terms while still being able to do some good damage to opponents. The move covers some good vertical distance but is unable to be influenced horizontally at all, so it is advised that a Mii Brawler with Piston Punch should also have a move like Burning Dropkick equipped to help with horizontal recovery. Due to the lack of horizontal influence, the move can be hard to hit airborne opponents with when it is used in the air. The move is a good combo finisher when used on the ground though and when all the hits connect the move can KO opponents at just above 100%.

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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U
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