Pair Up
User Robin (SSBWU/3DS)

Type Trapping
Effect Robin and Chrom simultaneously attack opponents

Chrom warps onto the stage.

Pair Up (ダブル) is Robin's Final Smash.


Robin yells "Chrom!" and Chrom warps onto the stage and rushes toward the opponent. A panel showing Chrom's eyes will then appear and Chrom will say "On my mark." He and Robin will then attack the opponent(s) together. Robin uses their tomes, while Chrom uses his Falchion.

Robin's Special Moves
Standard Special Thunder Magic
Side Special Arcfire
Up Special Elwind
Down Special Nosferatu
Final Smash Pair Up

Trophy Description


Like the Pair Up feature in Fire Emblem: Awakening that lets two characters attack a foe at once, Robin's Final Smash calls Chrom, the Prince of Ylisse, to the battlefield. First, Chrom dashes forward and if he lands a hit, Robin joins him for a flawless combination of attacks. It can even catch multiple opponents at once!


  • This move created a huge amount of confusion among viewers, as Robin stated to Chrom that he would get a chance to fight, leading people to believe Chrom was also playable. However, Chrom's only role in the game is assisting Robin in his final smash.
  • This is the second Final Smash where the user calls other characters to help him in battle, after Mega Man Legends and before Chain Attack.
  • It has a glitch where the camera glitches up in training mode with the restart button but the cause is not known
  • The tome Robin uses in their Final Smash is the fire tome Bolganone.
    • Oddly enough, despite being reserved for the Final Smash, Bolganone is actually a weaker tome than Thoron in the Fire Emblem series.

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