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This article is about Mega Man's appearance in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. For other uses, see Mega Man.

Mega Man
Mega Man Symbol
Universe Mega Man
Appears in Super Smash Bros. (Wii U and 3DS)
Debut Mega Man (1987)
Availability Starter
Tier N/A (N/A)

Mega Man is the main protagonist from Capcom's eponymous series. He is the third non-Nintendo character to appear in the Super Smash Bros. series, following Solid Snake and Sonic the Hedgehog. He was revealed at E3 2013 and was the second newcomer to be revealed.



  • Very versatile projectile game
  • Short stature gives him small hurtboxes
  • Forward Tilt allows him to move while shooting Mega Buster
  • Has some fast ground moves (Up and Down Tilts) that are good for spacing and dealing with close-combat
  • Good variety of multi-hit and single hit moves
  • Fast Aerial Attacks
  • Has a powerful ranged Meteor Smash
  • Good at edgeguarding


  • Lack of a proper Sex Kick Neutral Air for spacing
  • Not very good against fast characters that can pressure him or interrupt his projectiles
  • Few moves with KO Power aside his Smash Attacks and Up Tilt
  • Predictable recovery
  • Requires some proper spacing in order to be effective
  • All Smash Attacks have high ending lag

In long range, Mega Man is a very versatile character that works very well. Mega Buster is fast, although not having high range, but can keep enemies at bay and interrupt their approaches. His Forward Tilt gives him this advantage as it's the only one in the game that can be used while walking. The Crash Bomber is good to distract the opponents, as they will either try to remove the bomb or shield it, giving a open spot to attack. His Leaf Shield, while overlooked by some players because it blocks most of his actions, it has good utility, being able to dish extra damage during grabs as well as blocking projectiles.

When enemies can reach Mega Man for close-combat, he as few tools that can help him knock them back, such as his Mega Upper (Up Tilt) and Slide (Down Tilt). He is also good on air, with his aerial attacks having great utility. Flame Sword (Forward Aerial) has high priority and a disjointed hitbox, while Slash Claw (Back Aerial) is a very fast multi-hit attack. In addition, his Air Shooter (Up Aerial) works similar to Mr. Game & Watch's Up Aerial, but causes damage, in addition to hit multiple times. Finally, his Hard Knuckle (Down Aerial) is a solid Meteor Smash, and it's the only ranged Meteor Smash in the game.

One of Mega Man's problems, however, lies in his predictable recovery, relying only on Rush Coil to come back at the stage; and because of that he has no horizontal recovery. Also, when pressured, Mega Man has little to do, as characters such as Pit and Fox can reflect his projectiles and punish him easily. His lack of proper KO'ing moves allied with the fact that his Smash Attacks, specially Up and Down Smashes (as his arms have to vent), makes Mega Man a hard character to kill with.


Ground Attacks


Mega buster
  • Neutral Attack (Mega Buster) - Fires a pixelated energy shot in front of him. Can quickly fire up to three shots in a row, taking a short pause before being able to fire again. Each bullet deals 1-2% damage. When fired at point-blank range, it does 3% damage and pushes the target. Mega Man can also quickly turn between shots to hit multiple targets.
  • Forward Tilt (Mega Buster) - Same as his neutral attack, with the added benefit of moving while shooting (thus hitting faster), but without the benefits when used at point-blank.
  • Up Tilt (Mega Upper) - A powerful uppercut that makes Mega Man jump off the ground and send foes soaring into the air. Does 17% damage to close opponents in the beginning of the attack, 12% if hit during the attack, and 8% when the attack is ending.
  • Down Tilt (Sliding) - A leg-first charge along the ground. Can be used to move under certain projectiles. Closer targets receive 8% damage and are pushed up, while farther ones receive 5% and are pushed forward.
Top Spin
  • Dash Attack (Top Spin) - A rapid rotation attack forward that hits multiple times. Each hit deals 1% damage, with the last hit doing 3% and pushing the target, doing a total of 10% damage.


Full power charge shot
  • Side Smash (Charge Shot) - Mega Man unleashes a more powerful energy blast from the Mega Buster, causing 10-12% damage. The damage and distance increases the longer it is charged, causing 20% damage when fully charged.
Spark Shot
  • Up Smash (Spark Shock) - Two electrodes appear in Mega Man's arms and come together to give off damaging sparks, hitting multiple times to anyone near him, specially above. After use leaves him vulnerable to attacks while his arms vent. When used quickly, each hit deals 2% damage, with the last one causing 6% (total 16%). When fully charged, each hit does 3% damage and ends with a 9% hit (total 22%).
Flame Blast
  • Down Smash (Flame Blast) - An arm cannon at each side of him releases a high pillar of flames. After use it leaves him vulnerable to attacks while his arms vent. Causes 17% damage when used quickly, increasing up to 24% when fully charged.


  • Ledge Attack - Mega Man kicks forward, dealing 7% damage.
  • Floor Attack - A quick leg sweep that hits both sides. 7% damage.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial (Mega Buster) - Same as his neutral attack, just in the air. Firing at point-blank in the air can deal a bit more damage (4%) and push the target further than in the ground.
Flame Sword
  • Forward Aerial (Flame Sword) - A pillar of flame is brought down in front of him like a sword slash. Deals 5-9% damage.
Slash Claw
  • Back Aerial (Slash Claw) - A quick swipe that hits three times behind him. The first slash deals 3% damage, the second 4%, and the last 5%.
  • Up Aerial (Air Shooter) - A small tornado is shot above him and rises upwards. If it catches an opponent, it'll hit multiple times (1-3% damage each) and push them up.
  • Down Aerial (Hard Knuckle) - Meteor Smash. A fist is fired downwards before returning to Mega Man. Deals 12-14% damage

Grabs and Throws

Super Arm
  • Grab (Super Arm) - Mega Man effortlessly picks up an opponent with one hand.
  • Pummel - Mega Man uses his strength to press the held opponent, dealing 2-3% damage.
  • Throw - Throws the opponent in the direction pressed. His side throw deals 7-8% damage, the up throw 6-7% and the down throw 3-4%.

Special Moves


  • Mega Man teleports, similar to when he enters a stage in his games.
  • Mega Man turns his back at the screen and waves the Mega Buster to the back.
  • Mega Man brings an elbow backwards with his Mega Buster.

In competitive play

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Other features

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Costume Gallery


  • Most of his sound effects are based on his NES incarnation. In fact, Sakurai said that keeping his NES style was a top priority.[1]
  • Mega Man is the first character to have a custom death explosion, specifically exploding into balls of light in the same style as the original Mega Man games.
  • Mega Man's Final Smash includes Mega Man X from the eponymous series, Mega Man Volnutt from the Mega Man Legends series, MegaMan.EXE (Hub Hikari) from the Mega Man Battle Network series, and Mega Man (Geo Stelar and Omega-Xis) from the Mega Man Star Force series.
  • Mega Man's jumping style originates from the Mega Man game franchise.


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