Maxim Tomato
Maxim Tomato's artwork from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
Series Kirby
Item Class Healing
Appearance Super Smash Bros.
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Super Smash Bros. (Wii U and 3DS)

The Maxim Tomato (マキシムトマト makishimu tomato?) is an item found in all five Super Smash Bros. games. This item reduces the damage percent of the person who picks it up. It is often mispronounced as "Maximum Tomato" or "Tomato".

In Super Smash Bros., any damage the character takes is ignored while healing, but starting in Super Smash Bros. Melee, damage taken while healing is added into the character's damage percentage. Even if a character had 20%damage and used a Maxim Tomato and a player gives them 10% damage, the 10% damage will not be recovered.

Trophy Info (SSBM)


Maxim Tomatoes cure 50 percentage points of your accumulated damage. Once you eat one, after a brief moment, your damage meter slowly drains the appropriate amount, regardless of whether or not you pick up another item right afterwards. In the Kirby series, these juicy, health-restoring items were a favorite of the pink hero.

Trophy Info (SSBB)


A juicy tomato that heals 50 percentage points of the damage you've accumulated. When one of these appears in combat, rest assured there will be a race to see who can reach it first. It's a race of desperation between players who want to heal their damage and those who want to stop them from doing so. In the Kirby series, Maxim Tomatoes healed all damage.

  • Kirby's Dreamland.
  • Kirby Super Star

Trophy Info (SSBWU)

A tomato marked with a large, black M. This is Kirby's favorite snack, and in the past it has fully restored Kirby health. The ones that show up in Smash Bros. aren't from the same crop, though, and only heal 50 points of damage. That'll help you in a fight--unless an enemy eats it first.

  • Game Boy - Kirby's Dream Land (08/1992)
  • SNES - Kirby Super Star (08/1996)



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