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Meta Knight is a playable character in the third installment of Super Smash Bros. Originating in the Kirby universe, Meta Knight is a small, ball shaped, fighter with wings and a short sword. Meta Knight is a fast fighter, with many quick, low knockback attacks allowing him to set up many combos and rack up damage. In particular, his Mach Tornado can quickly do up to 26% damage and leave Meta Knight almost immediately ready to attack again. His low cooldown time and speedy attacks come at a small price, however; Meta Knight is quite limited in the area of finishing moves. He is basically limited to his forward and down smashes and/or his Shuttle Loop. Beyond this, Meta Knight can use his incredible jumping potential (granted by his wings) to gimp opponent's recoveries for additional kills. These disadvantages, however, are often overcome simply by Meta Knight's ability to dominate the tempo of the game. On the current tier list, Meta Knight is ranked first, mainly due to his dominating play style and his favorable match-ups against many characters. (more...)

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  • discussion page your main
    comment by Riku434 1 minute ago
    Comment: Melee: Luigi, Dr. Mario, Falco, Marth. Brawl: Luigi, Squirtle, Mr. Game & Watch, Marth, Kirby. Sm4sh: Kirby, Luigi, Pit.
  • discussion page Moveset for Tetra
    comment by Lasatar 4 minutes ago
    Comment: Cool. Looking forward to it. I bet that the Up Special will be the Midna Jump, and that the neutral special will be the energy field.
  • discussion page your main
    comment by Lasatar 9 minutes ago
    Comment: I want to pick Random. But the character I have the most experience with is Ganondorf.
  • discussion page Finish The Story 5: The Other-Worldly Threat
    created by PEASHOOTERFAN 26 minutes ago


    CoachSDot: Guys can I please explain my shocking backstory and my large infinite tablet given to me by a very nice guy????: THAT'S IT!??? ... 



    Sans: Oh, yeah. The worlds been reshaped into a more simple fashion. PEASHOOTERFAN won't have as much trouble making the map--PSI Seven: The ... 

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May 20, 2016 SSB4 Icon
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U has been updated to version 1.1.6.
March 15, 2016 SSB4 Icon
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U has been updated to version 1.1.5.
February 9, 2016 SSB4 Icon
Masahiro Sakurai officially announces the end of development of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.
February 3, 2016 SSB4 Icon
Corrin and Bayonetta, along with the sixth and final wave of downloadable content, has been released for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.
Did you know...
  • ...That Villager can Pocket the stars from Yoshi Bomb and Super Dedede Jump?
  • ...That Mewtwo has no Custom Moves, although they were planned to be in the game?
  • ...That the Hylian visible on the Wii U version of Temple reads "Smash Bros"?
  • ...That characters were originally going to have four Custom Moves?
  • ...That the design for Mr. Game and Watch is actually 3-dimensional?
  • ...That Villager can pocket the Great Fox's laser?
  • ...That Greninja's Down Taunt does 1% of damage and a bit of knockback when opponents are next to him?
  • ...That the coins on the Golden Plains are two dimensional?
  • ...On one stage you can be KO'd by touching Danger Zones when you're above 100% damage?

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