Lunar Launch (ボトムシュート) is one of Mii Gunner's Up Special Moves. Mii Gunner fires a shot directly downward, using the explosion to boost upward.



  • Good vertical height
  • Projectile damages below enemies
  • Some good horizontal movement on the move


  • No known weaknesses

For players that want a solid recovery to rely on is the Lunar Launch. The move has great vertical recovery distance and will even damage below opponents that are hit by the projectile fired downwards by the Gunner. The move also has some horizontal influence when used.

Mii Gunner's Special Moves
Standard Special Charge Blast Laser Blaze Grenade Launch
Side Special Flame Pillar Stealth Burst Gunner Missile
Up Special Lunar Launch Cannon Uppercut Arm Rocket
Down Special Echo Reflector Bomb Drop Absorbing Vortex
Final Smash Full Blast