Lunar Landing, also known as Luma Landing, is an advanced technique that can be performed by Rosalina and Luma in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. It consists on cancelling Rosalina's landing lag with Luma's attacks, allowing the player to immediately attack with Luma upon touching the ground without triggering an aerial attack with Rosalina, thus maximizing the damage output and combo potential.

Performing the Technique

The player must be in the air, and right upon landing must use any of Luma attacks. The timing is strict and requires precision, as doing it wrongly will result in the player executing Rosalina's aerial attacks rather than perfect landing with Luma's attacking right after.

Dashing Lunar Landing

Performed by dashing right after successfully doing a Lunar Landing. This will cause Luma to follow Rosalina and slide in the direction the player has input while doing the attack, covering a larger space. It can be used both for offense or defense, depending on the situation and direction of the dash, as well being useful for mindgames since Luma will move back and forth, confusing the opponent.


This variation is performed by using Luma Shot or Star Bits right after Lunar Landing with an attack. This will cause Luma to attack as Rosalina Lunar Lands, but shortly after Luma's aerial will be canceled by Luma Shot or Star Bits. This is a powerful tool for combos and desynching with Luma, allowing the player to put serious pressure on the opponent.

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