The following is a list of idle poses in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

NameIdle pose 1Idle pose 2Idle pose 3Idle pose 4
BowserClenches his fists and releases steam from his nose Leans back, and exhales steam. Similar to his up taunt, but he doesn't lean back as far.
Captain Falcon Does a battle pose Does a battle pose slightly different from the first one
CharizardSpits fire at the ground Leans back and pretends to roar
Diddy KongScratches his backside, shakes and stretches Jumps in place
Donkey KongBares his teeth and crosses his eyes Bumps his fists together, then performs an uppercut punch
Falco Waves his hand in front of his face Turns slightly so his chest is facing the screen
Fox Holds his hand in front of him and takes a deep breath Makes a "C'mon" gesture with his hand
GanondorfCrosses his arms and looks in the other direction Brings his hands together, then swings his right hand over his head
Ice ClimbersPopo and/or Nana spin their hammers Drops their hammers off their shoulders then picks them back up
IkeTap his sword on his shoulder Rubs the edge of his sword
IvysaurStomps from side to side Looks at the background
JigglypuffTurns to the side
King DededePuts his hammer on his shoulder Smacks his belly
KirbyBriefly falls asleep, then wakes up and looks around Hops a bit to look back, then hops again, returning to normal position
LinkSpins his sword Look to the screen, then behind the screen
LucarioMove his hands slowly in a fighting way Assumes a more determined stance
LucasTap the edge of his shoe Cowardly shakes his fist in front of his body
LuigiRubs the back of his head sheepishly Pulls on his nose, stretching it and snapping it back
MarioMoves his head from left to right and holds his fists in front of his face Moves his hat.
MarthHolds chest and takes a breathBrushes hair out of his face
Meta KnightQuickly and subtlety swings the GalaxiaPulls his cape around him
Mr. Game & WatchLooks back with an opened mouth Does a pose that makes him appear to be jumping, similar to his down taunt
NessCloses his eyes and places his finger to his temple, similar to Lucas' Down taunt Looks back, then towards screen
OlimarMoves his arms further and back in a basic limber-up exercise Rubs his helmet with both hands
PeachLooks over her shoulders and rubs something off her dressRaises arms up and stretchesLooks at her ringBrushes her hair
PikachuScratches one of its earsLooks left and right
PitHolds his blades together as a bow, then pulls them apart Hops back and forth
Pokémon TrainerRubs his legStands up straight
R.O.B.Slowly tilts his head downwards and then lifts it back up Looks toward the right side and then the towards the left while lowering his arms after performing the formerLooks towards the right and then towards the left, blinking twice while doing so
SamusTraces her finger over her arm cannonPuts her arm cannon down for a few moments
SheikBalances on one foot Shakes hand in front of face then swings it to the side
SnakeScratches his beard Looks back
SonicTurns towards/away from the player, waving his finger in a patronizing manner while grinning Taps his foot impatiently. This pose is similar to his idle animation in the original Sonic games.
SquirtleJumps excitedly Waggles its arms in front of itself
Toon LinkTaps the ground with his boot Looks around cautiously
WarioCrosses his arms, fists clenched Scratches his bottom
WolfSlashes at the air Slashes at the air and pretends to howl
YoshiHops with his hands in the air Looks back, forward and back again
ZeldaFlips hair backTurns her body away Makes a thinking gesture
Zero Suit SamusChecks her Paralyzer Stands straightly with Paralyzer besides her head, then looks around

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