Here is a list of common shorthand for long Smash-related terms:


Nair: Neutral aerial
Fair: Forward aerial
Dair: Down aerial
Bair: Back aerial
Uair: Up aerial
Zair: Aerial grab

ANA: Neutral aerial (lit. "Aerial Neutral A")
AFA: Forward aerial
ADA: Down aerial
ABA: Back aerial
AUA: Up aerial

Ftilt Forward tilt
Dtilt Down tilt
Utilt Up tilt

Fsmash Forward smash
Dsmash Down smash
Usmash Up smash

Fthrow Forward throw
Dthrow Down throw
Bthrow Back throw
Uthrow Up throw

FS Final Smash


BD: Bat drop
DI: Directional Influence
DJCFFL: Doublejump Cancel FastFall L-Cancel
FC: Fully charged or Friend Code
FFA: Free for all
OHKO: One-hit KO
OoS: Out of Shield
SH: Short Hop
SHFFL: Short Hop FastFall L-Cancel
WD: Wavedash


FOP: Fence of Pain (Kirby)
SHL/B: Short hop Laser/Blaster (Falco, Fox)
SWD: Super Wavedash (Samus)
YYG: Yoyo Glitch (Ness)
WOP: Wall of Pain (Primarily Jigglypuff)
CG: Chain Grab

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