This page is a list of the twenty nine Poké Ball Pokémon in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Summoned from Poké Balls

NameImageMove usedEffects
ArticunoArticuno SSBMBlizzardFreezes opponents and sends them up in the air.
BellossomBellossom SSBMSleep PowderPuts foes near it to sleep.
BlastoiseBlastoiseSSBMHydro PumpLaunches several pressurized beams of water that deals moderate damage. Every use will push Blastoise back.
CelebiCelebi SSBMFlyCelebi flies away, giving the Celebi Catcher bonus for 8,000 bonus points.
ChanseyChansey SSBMSoftboiledGives up to 5 eggs that can heal, contain an item, or explode. Can be knocked out.
CharizardCharizard SSBMFlamethrowerRotates it's head from left to right while shooting a stream of flames. Contact with Charizard will deal damage.
ChikoritaChikorita SSBMRazor LeafLaunches a series of leaves in a straight line.
ClefairyMetronomeUses Gust, Fire Spin, Waterfall, or Self-destruct.
CyndaquilCyndaquil SSBMFlamethrowerHops into the air and unleashes a stream of fire at a fixed angle. Can be knocked out.
ElectrodeElectrode SSBMExplosionCharges for a few seconds, then explodes.
EnteiEnteiMeleeFire SpinLaunches a "pillar" of flames that traps the opponent and deals a large amount of damage.
GoldeenGoldeenMeleeSplashSplashes around the stage by bouncing back and fro. This attack does not affect the player in anyway.
Ho-OhHo-oh MeleeSacred FireFlies to the back of the screen and unleashes a pillar of fire in front of it that traps opponents.
LugiaLugiaMeleeAeroblastFlies to the back of the screen and releases a blast of wind that travels around the stage. The blast OHKO and contact with Lugia will damage the player.
MarillMarillMeleeDouble SlapRuns across the stage, slapping any foe along the way. Can be knocked out.
MewMewMeleeFlyMew flys away, giving the Mew Catcher bonus for 10,000 bonus points.
MoltresMoltresMeleeSky AttackAfter a brief moment, Moltres flies up. Contact with it will OHKO the player.
Porygon2Porygon2SSBMTackleDashes a short horizontal distance. Has massive knockback and launches the foe in the opposite direction of it.
RaikouRaikouMeleeThunderA current of electricity forms around Raikou. Contact with the electricity will deal large knockback.
ScizorScizorMeleeMetal ClawRuns forth and jumps up and down around the stage. Contact with it deals heavy damage and high knockback.
SnorlaxSnorlaxMeleeBody SlamSnorlax jumps in the air and falls down, dealing large damage and high knockback to opponents it touches.
StaryuStaryuMeleeSwiftStaryu selects a target, flies over to it, and launches a barrage of stars at the foe.
SuicuneSuicuneMeleeIcy WindA cloud of icy wind surrounds Suicune, which traps the opponent and can freeze them.
TogepiTogepiMeleeMetronomeUses Leech Seed, Powder Snow, Sleep Powder, Earthquake, or Night Shade.
UnownUnownMeleeHidden PowerFlys off the screen. Many Unowns fly diagonally, trapping opponents.
VenusaurVenusaurMeleeEarthquakeThe ground around Venusaur will shake, and debris will show, showing the range of the attack. Opponents who make contact on the ground within Venusaur's range will be dealt high damage and receive large knockback.
WeezingWeezingSSBMPoison GasTraps the opponent in a poisonous gas.
WobbuffetWobbuffetMeleeCounterIf Wobbuffet is attacked, it will rock back and forth, dealing damage to any player who makes contact with it.
ZapdosZapdosMeleeThunder BoltA current of electricity forms around Zapdos that traps the player.

Playable Pokémon

Four Pokémon also appear as playable characters.