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^There's a number of Melee CPU modes on the wiki not listed here: ITEM (CPU Mode), EVZELDA, SPLWLINK, ONLYITEM, FREAK, NOACT, SPLWSAMUS, STRUGGLE, NONE, AIR, COOPERATIVE and DEFENSIVE

CPU Modes are different sets of AI behaviors used in different games throughout the series. Some of these are only accessible through use of the debug menu in Melee.

Name Description Availability Debug Name (Melee)
Attack The CPU behaves normally, throwing out attacks and maneuvers. Versus Mode, various single-player modes,Training Mode CPTP_NORMAL
Stand (Smash 64, Melee) The CPU will not move, barring some exceptions. It will attempt to recover if hit away from the stage. It will use an edge recovery or floor recovery when necessary, and it will also get off of revival platforms. In Melee CPU Zeldas will use transform periodically. In Brawl, CPUs will participate in the WarioWare, Inc.microgames. Training Mode CPTP_STAY
Stop (Brawl, 3DS/WiiU)
Walk The CPU will walk back and forth across the stage. Other than this, it retains the same properties as "Stand". Training Mode,

Event 19: Peach's Peril(Melee)

Evade (Smash 64, Melee) The CPU actively avoid interaction with the player. Other than this, it retains the same properties as "Stand" Training Mode CPTP_ESCAPE
Run (Brawl, 3DS/WiiU)
Jump The CPU will constantly single jump. Other than this, it retains the same properties as "Stand" Training Mode,

Event 21: Ice Breaker(Melee)

Human (Melee) The CPU is controlled by human players. Training Mode (Melee, Brawl, 3DS/WiiU) CPTP_MANUAL
Control (Brawl, 3DS/WiiU)
Nana The default mode for the partner Ice Climber, so that s/he follows the leader, attacks with the leader, etc With Ice Climbers, Debug menu (Melee only) CPTP_NANA

-More content to come

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