The Infinite Recovery Exploit is an exploit for Super Smash Bros for Wii U./3DS and was found by deathstar3548 on Miiverse.

The Exploit

This exploit takes advantage of the Thistle Jump Custom Equipment, Light Smash, and the fact that certain abilities give recovery options, and can be used repeatedly in the air. So far, the only characters that have been found to have suitable recoveries that can be used repeatedly are Ike, Sonic, and Pac-Man, and Kirby.

How to Perform the Exploit

For all 4 characters, one must equip certain recovery custom specials, as well as (Usually) 3 seperate Thistle Jump equipment, and enter a Light Smash. Quickly repeating their special move will result in them gaining height infinitely

Custom Moves needed

Ike - Tempest

Sonic - Hammer Spin Jump

Pac-Man - Any Down Special will work, though Dire Hydrant is the best

Kirby - Jumping Inhale and Hammer Bash

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