The Infinite Kirby Punch glitch is a glitch that locks Kirby's attack animation and prevents most player input until the animation is interrupted.


In order to perform the glitch, one player needs to play as Kirby, and the other player needs to play as a character that can deal damage that does not deal flinching damage. The following characters are usable for the glitch.

  • Fox
    • (Neutral B) His laser.
  • Mario
    • (Side B) The cape swing
  • Mr. Game & Watch
    • (Side B) Landing a 1 with Judge
  • Olimar
    • (Side B) Using Red, Yellow, Blue, or White Pikmin.
    • (Down tilt) Hitting the opponent with the antenna.

Additionally, the following methods of damage can induce the glitch:

  • Lip's Stick (due to the flower slowly increasing damage)
  • Assist Trophy (releasing a Metroid that continuously damages Kirby)
  • Poké Ball (releasing a Togepi that uses Leech Seed, causing the damaging flower)

Setting the Special Rules of the match to "Flower" will also cause Kirby to be damaged without flinching.

Note: The Glitch requires Kirby to remain in the (Neutral A) attack animation while taking damage. Moves that cause the characters to flinch will not work for this glitch.

Note: Method of damage is untested.

To Perform

Kirby needs to use his copy ability on an opponent. Then Kirby needs to be hold his neutral A attack animation. Kirby then needs to receive enough damage so that his copy ability is removed while still in the attack animation (moves that cause flinching take Kirby out of this animation). The result is that the player will be unable to make any responsive inputs other than Pausing. Kirby can be moved by the opponent(s) be gently nudging him to the side. The glitch is ended once something interrupts Kirby's attack animation.

In theory a CPU can can also be trapped in this glitch, however the likelihood of that occurring is low.

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