The Game and Watch Complex is a term which refers to a characters lack of development in the metagame causing them to decline without actually getting worse.

The term was coined by smasher Gimpyfish in his blog expressing his thoughts on the characters in relation to their place in the tier list. It originated from Mr. Game & Watch's rapid decline in tiers where he was fourth on the first tier list where he is currently 11th. Mr. Game & Watch started off as a great character however as Brawl's metagame evolved, players learned how to fight him and without the development of any new techniques deterioration began.

However is not just Mr. Game & Watch who suffers from this. R.O.B., King Dedede and Charizard have the "Game and Watch Complex" as well.

Common Arguments

  • "What are Game & Watch's doing differently now to in 2008?"
  • "R.O.B.s are losing too many tournaments now."
  • "When was the last time you saw a GaW top winners bracket?"



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