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Friendly Fire (called Team Attack in Super Smash Bros. and Super Smash Bros. Brawl) is an optional feature for team matches, which causes players on the same team to damage each other.

On the surface, Friendly Fire has no advantages and is a hindrance (for example, teammates must get out of the way of projectiles). However, it does give rise to some new strategies:

  • Teammates can be healed by using an energy projectile and PSI Magnet, or can use Oil Panic to capture friendly projectiles.
  • Teammates can be used as ammunition when thrown or spit, and their Neutral Special Move can be copied by a friendly Kirby.
  • Teammates can attack recovering friendlies to allow the re-use of an Up Special Move.
  • Teammates can attack each other to replenish their attacks.

Official tournaments for all three games require that Friendly Fire be turned on. This forces extra co-ordination and tends to deter two-on-one combos.

In most one-player modes, friendly fire is turned off so enemies such as the Alloys cannot hit each other. This also applies to the player team in co-op Target Tests and the like.


  • There are four attacks that can damage a teammate even with Friendly Fire disabled. Those are Landmaster, Puff Up, End of Day, Galaxia Darkness, Snake's mines, Snake's grenades, Toon Link's bombs, Link's bombs, and Kirbys's grenades.

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