Event 8
Hot Date on Brinstar
Event 08 SSBM
Official description You're interfering with Samus's Brinstar raid!
Character(s) used Choose (3 lives, 102%)
Opponent(s) Samus (3 lives, 130%)
Stage(s) Brinstar
Music Brinstar
Availability Starter

Event Match 8: Hot Date on Brinstar is the eighth event of the 51 Event Matches in the Event Mode of Super Smash Bros. Melee.


In this event, the player can choose any character. Both the player and Samus have 3 stock, but instead of starting with 0% damage, Samus starts on 130% damage and the player starts on 102% damage. When a character respawns after being KO'd, they will still have the damage that they started the event on.


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