Event 50: Final Destination Match

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Event 50
Final Destination Match
Official description Master Hand's the right hand; now meet the left!
Character(s) used Choose (1 life)
Opponent(s) Master Hand (300 HP)
Crazy Hand (300 HP)
Stage(s) Final Destination
Music Final Destination
Availability Unlockable

Event 50: Final Destination Match is the second to last event match in Super Smash Bros. Melee.


The player has 1 stock, while their foes, Master Hand and Crazy Hand, have 300 HP each. They are fought in Final Destination. The hands are at the same strength as they are on the Normal difficulty in Classic Mode. Unlike in Classic Mode, Crazy Hand is in the fight right away, instead of entering the fight when Master Hand's HP falls below the halfway point. As a result, this battle with Master and Crazy Hand is more difficult than the fight with them in Classic Mode.


  • When playing as Master Hand through the use of the Master Hand glitch, the background stays the same throughout the match.

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