Event 48: Pikachu and Pichu

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Event 48
Pikachu and Pichu
Official description These Pokémon are pals...but not with you!
Character(s) used Choose (2 lives)
Opponent(s) 2 Pichus (1 life each)
Pikachu (infinite)
Stage(s) Dream Land
Music Dream Land N64
Availability Unlockable

Event 48: Pikachu and Pichu is an event match in Super Smash Bros. Melee.


In this event match, the player may choose any character and have 2 stocks. They're against 2 Pichu with 1 stock and a Pikachu with infinite stocks. The player must KO the Pichu. The stage is Dream Land, making it the only Melee event match set on a past stage.


  • This event makes a reference to the Pokémon short, "Pikachu and Pichu" where Ash's Pikachu meets the Pichu Brothers for the first time, and ending up in a crazy adventure.

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